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What does it mean if a fish jumps out of a fishtank?

Asked by FalcorPilot (32points) October 21st, 2007

This is for real! I am house sitting and maybe haven’t been home for 24 hours. I opened the door to give them food and one of the more barracuda looking fish jumped out right onto the floor! The water temp looks fine. What do ya’ll think?
I am a little panicked that there might be something wrong.

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It’s suicidal?

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I think they need more attention of you, my fish do this too sometimes. If you don’t give them enough attention, they will be lonely. Try to be happy and lovely to them, and they will not feel lonely anymore. And repeat that! :-)

I have fish too, and you have to get a bond with them.

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Fish have feelings? I wasn’t aware tha they were that developed. Maybe the fish was just jumping (as fish do in the wild) and accidently landed outsde the fish tank. I wouldn’t worry to much about it, or worry at all actually.

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All living organisms have feelings, at least, I think so… That’s what I believe.

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Did the fish survive? Can you add water to make it deeper. Or get some fine plastic mesh from a garden supply or hardware store and cover the top? I use that (can be cut w. scissors to cover plants that deer and rabbits eat.)

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We bought a couple of goldfish one year and one of them was so hyper and full if energy always. Eventually a couple weeks later he flew right out of the fish bowl. Of course we immediatly placed him right back in but this was going to be regular thing for him. So I placed them in a larger bowl thinking that it must be due to the fact that he needs more room to excercise his hyperactive body. I think that worked. It was so long ago. Also, the ph level of the water could be off.

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Your name is brilliant FalcorPilot!

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The fish does not play well with others and needs to attend a learning school.
School. Get it. Sorry. Sometimes I make myself laugh.

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fish may or may nor have feelings, klass4, but they don’t have large brains. This is a brain size matter.

FalcorPilot, this jumping-out-of-the-tank behavior is relatively common with many fish. As I walked through my living room one morning I saw my pet goldfish lying on the carpet as dry as a cracker…he must have jumped out early in the night. He obviously did not know what he was doing and what the consequences would be. You know, there are some mistakes we only get to make once, then BANG…the end, no more chances, no more life. That is true for you and me, too, which is a good reason to think before you leap. Using the big brain you have, unlike the little fishy in the tank.

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It’s stupid! not your fault

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