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What do you think of the television show "Lie to Me"?

Asked by Mr_M (7616points) March 3rd, 2009
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You know, this question could have been a lot more fun if you had forgotten the quotation marks.

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yeah total abuse of quotation marks lol. Also, I feel like I am inclined to lie about what I think of a show named Lie to me. I don’t have cable and don’t really watch tv so I have no opinion. Or do I…. muahahaha

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I like it. I’m nor sure I’d anything on it based on fact, but I find the whole concept very interesting.

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@LKidKyle1985, FYI, it’s on right after American Idol on Wednesdays, same channel.

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I also have enjoyed the scripts on the episodes that I’ve seen. The cast is good. It’s an interesting premise.

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@Marina, “interesting premise” is a good way to put it. Makes me wish there WAS scientific backing of the concept. That would be awesome.

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@Mr_M Yes, I think it would change our world if it could be done.

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Body language was big in the 70’s. But body language is supposed to be unique for every individual and not universal.

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Wow. I’m really sorry about the horrible spelling and grammar above. I was tired, and ipod autocorrect sucks.

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@Eambos and @Marina – please see

The program is based on a real concept and a real person. I think the whole idea is amazing and just a glimpse of what’s to come. And I love the show.

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