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Where is a good place to go take photos in San Francisco?

Asked by A_Wood (201points) March 4th, 2009

My dad has an apartment in San Francisco, but whenever I go down there, I don’t know where to go to get good pictures. Any suggestions? Also, any good photography stores in downtown San Francisco that anyone knows about?

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Just about anywhere. San Francisco might be the most beautiful city on this planet. One place I would recommend would be up on Telegraph Hill, near Coit Tower. It’s a great vantage for a panaramic view of the city, as well as Sausalito, and the Golden Gate. You should have little trouble finding photo friendly places in SF.

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My son has taken beautiful pictures in the city. I’ll ask him. He took some great abstract photos and pictures using reflections (in puddles, in car windows, in brass doorknobs) just walking along the street on Nob Hill.

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Check out Golden Gate Park.

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I agree with @simone54 I love the Golden Gate windmill….I think anywhere is beautiful, in that fantastic city.

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Today was a great day for the rainy day pictures. It rained in the morning and then we had bright sunlight with movie set wet streets.

In the park
The cherry blossoms are out and then there are the drippy trees in the groves with little streams.
Spreckels lake with runners, sr citizens gossiping on benches, toddlers chasing ducks, model boats all against the diamond clear skies.

A shot from Vermont street on Potrero, the real curviest street-heck a shot from any hill in the city is great.

Chinatown lit with brightly colored lights after dark.

Bay St in the Marina-there were kites today

From Washington High School 32nd/Anza-an unusual shot of the GG bridge.

Some of the neighborhood shopping streets without a chain store in sight-Balboa between 35/39, “new” Chinatown Clement between 2nd/18th

The campuses at SFSU and USF

The F line vintage streetcars

The Mission murals

The intersection @ 24th/Mission

The Maritime Museum Building with shipping traffic in the background

A long shot of Ocean Beach along the Great Highway

Shots of the different architectural styles, not just the “painted ladies” but all over town

Union Square facing inward and outword

Cathedral hill and some of the great churches

Inside a Bart car shooting through the window above- and and underground

If you want some really great shots-look at the people.
The early morning Ch’i Kung exercises in Washington Sqare Park. Grandmas taking kids to school in the Tenderloin. A shot through the window of the little eateries around a high school at lunch time. Passengers at a bus stop on Geary during rush hour, Lunch time on Montgomery Street. People shots everywhere.

The City is so compact and so full of diversity, You take a 10 minute bus drive and you are in a different landscape

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Go across the GG Bridge toward Sausalito. Turn left and drive up to the top of the first hill you see.

You’ll get a great overview of the bridge and the city.

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Really fine answer, @galileogirl—almost a picture in itself.

My son says:

Boy, that’s a tough question. I’m inclined to agree with you that anywhere is good. I guess you could get more specific pretty easily if it were known what kind of photography one had in mind. Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden would be great for nature shots, as would the Conservatory of Flowers, which is also in Golden Gate Park; Crissy Field is great for views of the bridge; the overlook on the Marin side is great for views of downtown; Haight Street, Chinatown, and Pier 39 are good for candids. That’s just off the top of my head.

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The Presidio

Half Moon Bay

The Top of the Mark

The Turnaround

Cliff House, especially at sunset.

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Legion of Honor—it overlooks the bridge (you can get a very nice picture w/ the Golden Gate bridge in the background)

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@jenandcolin Is that the super-hero head quarters?

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@simone54 It was built to honor the vets of WWI, so in a word-YES!

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