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Do you always have an opinion regarding the questions you ask of Flutherites?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 5th, 2009

I’m referring to questions like the ones about religion, or gay marriage, politics, marijuana, and so on.

Sometimes I just like to ask a question and sit back and read everyone’s input.

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No. I have asked lots of questions to which I did not have an answer.

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This has been asked recently, but yes, I, for the most part, have an opinion. I just like to see how others view the same issue.

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@TitsMcGhee I saw your post about answering fact-based or opinion-based questions, but I didn’t see another question like this one. Sorry for that!

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When I post a question it is because I need input or wish to know something from a fresh perspective. So no.

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@essieness: No worries… each one is phrase just a little differently. I seem to remember someone asking whether people ask questions they already know the answer to, which is pretty similar.

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@tits gotcha

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I don’t always have an opinion of my own on questions I ask here and more often than not, even if I do have an opinion, I find it very interesting and oftentimes entertaining to just read the responses of the community without giving any input of my own.

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I ask questions because I don’t know.

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Yes and no, but I’m always open to having my opinion swayed if people put up a good and sensible answer.

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I don’t think I have, but I wouldn’t rule it out if I was looking for a fresh perspective.

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I tend not to ask opinion questions, especially on issues I have an opinion about. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t ask about those things. I try to find a way to ask a question that will allow everyone to talk about their own experience with the issue. It’s harder for folks to fight then. Occasionally I do ask for opinions, and sometimes these questions go on and on past my interest. I’ve never stopped following one of my own questions, but I am considering doing it now. I wonder if anyone else has. I’d ask this, except I’ve used up my question allotment.

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Ya, I am a total opinionated bitch, that is why I am alone on a Saturday night

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I got an opinion on everything. they are like a holes, everybody has got one. but when it comes to taste, good taste can be defined

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@wilbert Whoa! I sure didn’t get that one. Explain, please?

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nope, not always as it will not intest me

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<——————- [holds his head in his hands wondering why he bothers]

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Most of my questions (don’t ask many) are to see what others are thinking on the subject. A new perspective.

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@wilbert lmao….hey, everyone can respect honesty.

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