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What would be best for me?

Asked by kevinhardy (520points) March 5th, 2009

Im going though a hard time right now. I apply fro jobs and seem to get nothing. my brothers and parents look at me like some idiot. I have a college degree. i have pets. My mother says i need attention so she gets me a puppy. Im home all day. I feel like nobody cares. What should I do?

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Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It sounds like your going through a hard time. You’ll get through it. Everyone has ups and downs. Try hard to find a job. Don’t let people say things to get you down. Also stick up for yourself.

Remember things could always be worse. Count your blessings. Keep your chin up.

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Volunteering always brings purpose to peoples lives.

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Dude everyone is having a hard time finding a job right now because the economy is so bad. Keep your head up and you’ll find something. I would suggest something like waiting tables in the meantime. That would be a good way to meet people too.

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You could work in a soup kitchen… People need to eat all day, and you get to meet great people, who will appreciate your helping to feed them…
Philanthropy can’t look bad on a resume.

You might also try to take the dog to a dog park, if one is nearby. This would give you an opportunity to meet up with other dog owners.

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my situation was also same like you,but now i am in a very good job.Life is full of ups and downs, you may going through hard time now but one day or the other you will definitely get out of it.Do not stop searching for job if not one other will be their for you and do not be disappointed.Do not lose hope…good luck

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Patience. It will all work out in the end.
You’ll get a job sooner or later, and things will look up. Everybody’s pessimistic these days, but hang in there and it will get better :)

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Live in the moment and live to the fullest; Take up a creative hobby that doesn’t require money (don’t say you’re uncreative, because there’s no such thing as an uncreative person); Better yourself, but don’t beat up yourself; Read great books by great authors; Do what you want to do; Try your hardest, but don’t worry about the things you can’t control; Just be happy, because good things happen to those who don’t let the hard times get them down.

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Why don’t you volunteer somewhere while you are waiting for a job? Volunteer 20–40 hours each week, but still put in applications. I know most people see this as working without being paid, but you are getting paid – just in feeling good and doing for others rather than dollars.

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I agree with Mtl Zach and dlm812. Find something you’re interested in and volunteer because 1) it will give you something with purpose to do, and 2) create work experience for yourself that you can use on your resume. To that end, if there is a company that you want to work for, and they’re not hiring, offer yourself as an unpaid intern for 6 month. Again, you will be creating something you can put on a resume. Being engaged in something meaningful will help manage the depression.

What’s your degree in? What type of job are you looking for? Get creative with how you can apply your education and talents.

Most young people getting out of college now are in the same boat.

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Get out and volunteer. You will get a much better appreciation for your life that way. And if you don’t want pets, tell your mom to stop buying you animals – no one should ever force a pet on someone just because THEY think you look lonely.

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I know a manager of a Home Depot and he’s done very little hiring lately. He was talking about it last night. He said that people are coming in dressed in suits and ties just to get a $7.50 cashier job. Maybe you can work somewhere like that just to pay the bills until something better opens up, and volunteer part time. You can meet new people in both venues and gain a little cash and self respect at the same time.

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”...a this too shall pass!”
My friend,hang in there…
You have worth way beyond what you do for living.

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A lot of people are suggesting volunteering. One place you might want to volunteer is with an organization you want to work for. Then they get to know you, and when they do need more help, you’d have a very good chance of getting the job. Either that, or they start feeling so guilty, they find some money to pay you.

Other than that, volunteering for community service organizations is good. If you have an interest like education or health care or recycling or the environment, there are plenty of organizations to work for. In addition, one job where they always have openings is door-to-door canvassing and fundraising. I also graduated during a major recession, and I did that for about four years. It taught me an awful lot about persuading people, and presenting ideas, and about how to ask people for something I want (well, the organization wanted; asking for person stuff is an entirely different issue).

It doesn’t pay well, but you do make a lot of good contacts. Several people I knew back when are now US Congress Members. Community organizing is a good way to get started, especially in a recession, and over a life time, it can lead to very powerful positions.

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@Kevinhardy; You asked a very similar question last week and got 44 excellent (mostly) suggestions. Why are you still at your computer repeating yourself? Get moving; do something.

Mow lawns, shovel snow, deliver mail, help an old lady with house or garden maintenance, stop whining. Or get some therapy; you complained about everything from family to neighbors who stole your Xmas presents.

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