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What's a good low-calorie substitute for sour cream?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) October 24th, 2007

Preferably of similar flavor and consistency.

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Plain yogurt is a great substitute. Full-fat yogurt is flavorful and still has less calories than sour cream, but you can cut even more calories by using low-fat yogurt (non-fat might work in some recipes where it is very blended, but non-fat is generally less creamy and won’t have the same consistency, so I’d steer away from it). If you want something really creamy, try “greek-style” yogurt. Even the low-fat greek yogurt is more “sour-cream-ish” in terms of texture and taste. It would work well in burritos. If you want standard (non greek style) yogurt, I think Stonyfield farms would be good. Dannon might work too. Australian-style creamy yogurt is also good.

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Much thanks!

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If you blend silken tofu, you get a creamy thing that you can flavor. I use it to cut the fat in a traditional vinagrette. Make sure you get the soft kind. Also, you can run lo-fat cottage cheese thru the food processor and flavor to taste.

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Here’s something else to try: blend up cottage cheese. It then can be used in dips or most anything like sour cream.

On another note, however, sometimes it’s better to just satisfy the craving for fat, you don’t need much, and maybe that little bit is good for you.

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There is also vegan “sour cream” available from brands like Tofutti.

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low fat sour cream has fewer calories than some “substitutes” – check for Weight Watchers recipes online and you’ll find a number of Mexican dinner / caserole types that just use the fat free or loweredfat version of the original

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Hi, I remembered the name of the greek yogurt brand I mentioned earlier—it’s called Fage. You can buy it at Trader Joe’s and some other mainstream supermarkets. hope this helps!

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