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What are some creative ways or men to tie a (large) scarf?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) October 25th, 2007

Now that autumn has arrived, I’ve purchased a pair of scarves. They are fairly lightweight, but very long and wide (similar to a woman’s pashmina). I’m looking for new ways to tie them… specifically, something similar to the Yashmagh style popular in the middle east.

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What I usually do with long wide ones:

fold them in half lengthwise(to make them really narrow).
Put the midpoint behind my neck, wrap one end around my neck. ( now one side is much shorter than the other)

Pull the long end across the short one, then up behind it, and down over it.

This should end up with both ends hanging straight down the middle, on top of each other. (Assuming my directions made any sense)

I just suggest finding a mirror and trying different things.

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fold it in half, and the make a “q” around your neck, that’s it.
The othe way is to take the scarf, narrow it, take the sides with both hands and put it on your neck, then take both sides to the front on the oppsite sites, hard to explain in a message, like perchik said, take a mirror and try, it just doesn’t have to look like if you are going to cross the sahara, keep it narrow :)

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Take the scarf and hold it scrunched in your hands (not folded) horizontally.

Place the center of the scarf on the front of your neck, wrap two ends behind your neck (crossing them in an X at the back of your neck), and bring the ends around to the front.

Loosen the front of the scarf slightly and let the ends hang down.

OR, rather than let the ends hang down, wrap them around your neck loosely once more and tie at the back. Very European.

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With long skinny scarves you can wrap them loosely around your neck once or twice and let the rest hang. You could do an extremely loose and sloppy tie knot also. I tend to wear very wide scarves though (basically like a gigantic square) and I wear them over my face kind of fashioned after the way you see some middle eastern styles, or it’s not too cold, just chilly, I’ll fashion it the same way, and just pull it down from my face and let it bunch around my neck. It kinds resembles old school cowboys too.

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