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What is something romantic that my wife and I can do together?

Asked by curtaincall (124points) October 28th, 2007 from iPhone

I do a lot of romantic things for my wife but I never plan romantic stuff for us to do. Something that can be planned and executed in a day?

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I’ve always enjoyed road trips to new places. There’s something about heading into unfamiliar territory together that seems to foster closeness… I guess because you rely on one-another to navigate your way around, and so on. I also find that being in the beauty of nature helps me appreciate life and my loved ones even more. This is a great time of year to take a drive and check out beautiful fall foliage.

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most cities have professional chefs that will come in to your house, teach you and your spouse how to make something very cool and complicated for dinner, and then leave to allow you to enjoy your intimate dinner.

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Love the suggestions above…also I’m curious to try a Hot Air Balloon ride during sunrise or sunset. I am thinking of surprising my hubby with that for his birthday next year.

If you have kids, it means the world to have a babysitter and just hang out all window shopping, coffee, a movie or a walk in nature.

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Some people love to be taken up in a glider and then glide around the countryside..

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Your personal definition of what a date is, or what quality family time is, can open the throttle wide open or choke it down until it dies.
Change your definition of a date, from some time when you experience the rush or excitement of spending money, to the gentle pleasure of getting to know each other better.
Redefine a date to include times at home.
Maybe a cup of tea or home-brewed coffee with your mate (or your child!) in that secluded corner of your backyard or patio.
Maybe a family night, like a Friday evening when the young children could stay up a little later than normal, watch a family movie, buy a pizza for dinner, or have popcorn and lemon aid for a snack. Remember: tradition warms the heart.

It isn’t what you do,
Or where you go,
Or how much you spend,
Or how fancy you dress that makes it a date. It is your attitude that makes it a date.
You can dress up, spend lots of $$$, go see a show on a stage, and go out afterwards to eat and it NOT be a date if your attitude is wrong. Ever been on one of those?
It’s a bore….It’s a chore!
And honestly, you can be working hard in your yard together, stop for lunch and a deliciously refreshing glass of iced tea, and when your eyes meet you freeze…and you both unexpectedly giggle a bit.
Friends, those are not chores you’re doing….that’s a date!
Redefine it!….Acknowledge it!….Enjoy it!….and Remember it!

When you redefine what a date IS in your mind, the possibilities become almost limitless. Most of us had parents or grandparents that were not financially well-off. What did they do for a date?
Found a place to park, and look at the view, and dream about the future out loud…
Went for a soda…
Went for a walk…
Went roller skating or bowling…

Now, obviously, not everybody at the bowling alley is on a date. But a few ARE.
And my guess is, everyone of you could tell which ones.
It’s in their eyes…because it’s in their attitude.

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I don’t know where you live, but if your are within a couple of hours of an ocean, you can go there; walk along the beach for a few hours, find a cute place for a bowl of chowder, and return home with renewed love in your heart for each other.

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Sit down and write her a love letter or poem.

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