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Other than sexual touch, what kind of touch do you enjoy the most?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 12th, 2009

My wife likes her head rubbed, and her back rubbed, and I think these things are nice, but they don’t really do it for me. What I find really comforting (perhaps this is a subconscious motivation for my avatar) is to have someone’s hand on my ass, preferably someone I am really comfortable with, like my wife. It just makes me feel connected and warm, somehow.

What do you like and how does it make you feel?

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Oh, I can’t say sexual. Uh, well then, holding my wife’s hand.

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Cuddling. My arm draped around her torso as we spoon, or else me on my back and her head and arm resting on my chest.

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Hugs. Nothing is more comforting than a full body hug.

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I love when my boyfriend just puts his hand on the small of my back, like when we’re walking together. I also love my head/hair being rubbed or played with. And then the full body contact spoon when falling asleep. Preferably with legs tangled and hands holding. Man, I miss my man.

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I love hugs too.

One of my co-workers rubs my neck an shoulders when he comes into the office each day. it really helps me start out the day relaxed. It’s nothing sexual, just a stress releiving neck rub.

And what could be better than baby kisses? I can’t wait to get to Florida to get hugs and kisses from my grandson.

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Definitely hugs, but also my back being rubbed and scalp massages. Mmmm, relaxing!!

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Scalp massages, yes. It’s the best part of getting my hair done when I go to a salon.
And hugs from friends are great.

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arms outstretched while holding hands with someone and spinning….
hmmm… dizzyingly gratifying
not sure if those are all real words or not!

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I love a nice back rub. I also love cuddling with my 5 year old. Soon she will be too old for that, so I enjoy any chance that I get.

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the palms of my hands being tickled gently

a butterfly kiss (eyelashes on the cheek)

the feeling you get just beofre your lips touch someones…
if you hold it…...........

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Definitely hugging. I did not feel that way until fairly recently.

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hug- men, women and children, doesn’t matter. I hug all my friends a lot.

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Yes, hugging is good. I’ve always been a hugger. Spooning, back rubs, & when my granddaughter runs her fingers up & down my arms.

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I enjoy hugging as well, but that may be because it sometimes leads to “lower” hugging.

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@AstroChuck LOLLLLL, you truly are shameless, aren’t you? ;-)

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I love it when people ‘pet’ my head while I’m lying down and smooth my hair.
Love intertwining fingers and hands with boys.
And I like having a face buried around my neck as a resting spot.

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Holding hands is wonderful, as are hugs where I am just scruched up in the middle, and the other person is enveloping me entirely. I’m also a big fan of spooning, and I even don’t mind being the big spoon sometimes, but being the little spoon is better, and I love having a hand on the side of my face/neck, when the thumb and lower palm are on my cheek, and the fingers are reaching around my neck/behind my ear. If it’s done on both sides, looks like I’mma get a smooch :D

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I love those quiet moments when one of my grandson just leans his head into me. Ahhh…..... Bliss.

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@Judi ~ yes! or when a small child hugs your leg while you’re standing. My son used to do that all the time when I was working in the kitchen or when I would come home from work. Now he’s almost as tall as me….

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@mcbealer ;
When you’re a grandma you have the luxury of stopping everything and embracing the moment. You don’t have to keep on cooking because no one expects you to do anything else but love on those babies when they’re around.

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The Human Touch.

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scratching a really bad itch is the next best thing to an orgasm

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I love being attacked with hugs and kisses from all three of my boys at once. My man has this thing where he takes the palms of his hands and rubs my upper back. I just melt into him when he does that.

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I love cuddling and having my arms and hands lightly caressed, while watching TV or talking or anything.

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The iPod Touch.

and the whole astrochuck pee pees thing

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I love it when she’s poking her fingers in my eyeballs. Hard.

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In addition to enjoying normal, loving touch and massage as others have mentioned, I also have some weird ones due to Fibromyalgia. When my hands or feet hurt badly, a strong steady squeeze helps a lot. When my legs and arms hurt, I like a squeeze that stays steady but moves from the top to the bottom of the limb, sort of stretching it out. I also find relief from someone holding my wrist or ankle firmly and slowly pulling with all their might, again the stretching thing. My husband is always afraid he’s going to pull my arm off! I also enjoy giving and getting face/head massages.

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Dogs: when you’re crying and they come up to you and place their head on your lap, and sometimes lick your tears.

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@Mr_M too funny!!

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Baby hugs.

I’ve only held a baby once, but she hugged me. It was great. :)

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Oooh, I forgot neck-hugs. My youngest daughter still gives them to me… she wraps her little arms completely around my neck, her face snuggled up to mine. : )

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@laurethbabyhugs is the worst hardcore metal band name ever

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Worst…or best?

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I’m not a real touchy person, but I can say I like to feel the snap of a freshly boiled shrimp or the feel of a freshly shucked oyster in my mouth and sliding down my throat.

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I love when my son wraps his little arms around me. He can barely meet the middle of my back. And when he needs reassurance and that little hand comes up to me, without even looking at me, he knows I’ll hold him hand and everything will be okay. Okay, now I’m making myself tear up.

I love when my husband plays with my hair. I don’t get aroused, but it feels so good. I have trichotillomania, and him playing with my hair makes me not pull it…he has been a major role in me not pulling my hair anymore. He doesn’t always want to do it, but he’ll do it because he loves me.

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Cuddling is one of the best things in the world. =]
Cuddling and kisses.
Or cuddling while kissing.

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Who are you trying to kid? It’s all sexual!

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Seriously…foreplay, or some sort of substitution.

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When my dad tickles my feet. (He does it really slow and I’m not actually ticklish, so it just feels nice.) When my best friend gives me scalp massages. When my nieces and nephews hug me. When a baby or a small animal falls asleep on me with its face nuzzled against my neck.

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@MacBean – Before I became highly allergic to cats in college, I had a kitteh who used to nuzzle my neck to go to sleep a lot… She liked nothing better than to drape herself over the back of my neck and just hang out while I did chores or homework. Awww…! I know, it’s so nice. She trusted me enough to be able to to do that, which felt good.

And being sincerely hugged by little ones is also gratifying to the small maternal part of me.

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It is interesting that some people feel there is no non-sexual touch. I wonder where that comes from.

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@daloon a very sad and deprived place. When my first husband died I was so surprised at how much I missed just having someone to reach over and put my hand on. I didn’t sleep for days because I didn’t want my kids out of reach so I could just touch them.

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Having the back of my head and behind my ears scratched.

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i love having my scalp scratched. i’m like a dog in that way… but seriously, anyone who has dated me has to be cool with brushing my hair, scratching my scalp, and playing with my hair.

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I was watching old U2 videos on youtube with my friend the other night and came across this video.
Lo and behold… Bono and this oh so very lucky girl are doing exactly what I wrote about a couple of months ago… happens at about 3.5 minutes into the performance. lucky!

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