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Would you willing let someone hit your vehicle?

Asked by tinyfaery (42650points) March 12th, 2009 from iPhone

I think about it a lot. I’m not talking about a major collision in which someone might get hurt, but more of a fender bender.

People do stupid shit while driving, all the time. Sometimes, especially with illegal left turns and people changing lanes in the middle of an intersection, I just want to let people hit me, just so they know how bad of a driver they are.

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Lol! Well you better hope they have insurance.. hahaha! I know what you mean though.. I get pretty frustrated with bad drivers myself.

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No way! Even if someone else hits it and it isn’t my fault it will raise my insurance rates. Personally I prefer to get as far out of the way of those bad drivers as possible, but am willing to be a witness to their stupidity when the cops arrive.

“He went right through that red light, officer! His brake lights didn’t come on even for a second.

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@tinyfaery… Uh…that’s kind of dumb!!!

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I actually did! Some moron decided he didn’t want to yield. He was merging into my lane and decided to gun it, so he clipped my front fender. I chased him down and gave him a good lecture. ( I was driving my piece of crap car that I bought while the good car is in the shop.)

I bet he slows down and doesn’t drive so aggressively now!!

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I’m going to go with a no on letting someone damage my vehicle and possibly injure me, on purpose. As far as it being an accident with the other party at fault because they were completely stupid and me exiting my vehicle and beating them around the head and shoulders with a rubber hose? Yeah, that would be worth my time.

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I wouldn’t, but the thought has crossed my mind.

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@Bluefreedom Can I watch??? I’d like to see a good fight. LOL

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@jbfletcherfan. I’ll go you one better. I’ll videotape it, put it on YouTube, and post the link to it here on Fluther.

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@Bluefreedom Sounds like a plan.

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Oh, so many times.

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I’ve thought about it, but the hassle of dealing with the aftermath has deterred me.

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I frequently consider slamming on my brakes when someone is tailgating. I usually am saying to myself “go ahead asshole, park in my will most definitely be at fault”.

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everything goes when i’m on the road.
whatever kind of illegal maneuvers you need to do are cool with me, just do them quickly and well and don’t make me hit my brakes or you’ll hear the horn.

we all need a chance to do something strange on the road sometimes, but be courteous.

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@ninjacolin I totally disagree. I will go out of my NOT to be an asshole. I try not to be a hypocrite.

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you’re only an jerk if you’re a jerk.
if you do your illegal maneuvers and get out of the way quickly and safely, what’s the problem?

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Unnecessary risk of death and dismemberment to those around you?

Gee, you’re right, can’t think of a real problem I guess.

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risk doesn’t exist.
death and dismemberment only come from actual driving suckage.
not from creative, clever and safe illegal behavior.

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i’m not suggesting that you crash or inconvenience anyone. i’m suggesting that you make sound decisions courteously. especially the illegal ones.

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Risk doesn’t exist?

What are you smoking?

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Justify your behavior any way you wish.

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i like the way i drive and i recommend it to anyone.
it’s decisive and sure and accident free.

i hate following rules for rules sake. i prefer logic and common sense for all my life decisions. :)

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The logic and common sense of the many trump that of the few.
Every rule on the road is in place because of a dumbass who thought he knew better.

Get it?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be that headline and you can be the body that makes everyone drive a bit safer.

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whoa.. you’re out to get me!

look, you just stick to your idea of “great driving” and i’ll stick to mine. it’s worked for us both so far quite well.

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Thanks @AlfredaPrufrock! I completely forgot about that.

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i mean at least if i saw a car barreling toward me i wouldn’t just sit there and let them hit me. ;) who’s the worse driver, really?

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Well I don’t know what a car would be doing if they were barrely.
I don’t think I can have an opinion on the matter.

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obviously you need more experience on the road.. clearly, you should stick to the rules for a bit more. just until we get the training wheels off. :D

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@AlfredaPrufrock So good. I love that movie. :)

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@ninjacolin: How many times have you been pulled over for a moving violation?

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1 speeding ticket from a radar trap when i was a teen.
not doing illegal stuff when the cops are shopping for ya is a part of the common sense i learned early ;)

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That’s more than me.
Part of my common sense.

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ha, well then i repent as a driving sinner for all my wrong ways! I will never drive on the sidewalk for 3 blocks ever again to dodge traffic.

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Well, I was sitting at a light minding my own business one day when some old guy turned left in front of another guy, and then the both of them slid right into me. I had no time to get out of the way, because if I would have tried to back up, I would have hit the person’s car that was behind me. I had just bought the truck a month before.

I was one pissed off ****** ****** that day! I was still swearing a blue streak when the cops showed up, so much so that the cop told me to shut up or he’d arrest me. I kept swearing, but it was under my breath. I had a very strong urge to call him a f*cking pig about then. Fortunately, I kept my opinion of officer ‘shorty-donut-chomper’ to myself.

Somebody’s insurance fixed my truck, and I bet that old guy isn’t doing much driving anymore, because his car was totaled and the Jeep he smashed into was totaled as well. I really despise bad drivers.

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@ninjacolin. I wasn’t going to go through the process of trying to understand some of your comments but I couldn’t help it. I’m a military policeman who has assisted in accident investigations and I also do Risk Assessment Surveys for my military squadron. With that in mind, let’s look at some of your greatest hits, shall we?

everything goes when i’m on the road. – a completely callous and dangerous state of mind considering you’re driving a very heavy machine that is capable of producing a large amount of injury and damage.

whatever kind of illegal maneuvers you need to do are cool with me, just do them quickly and well – I’ve never heard anything so preposterous in my life. If they’re illegal moves, they aren’t safe and they can’t be performed well. They’re dangerous.

we all need a chance to do something strange on the road sometimes, but be courteous. – Wow, I’m floored by this. The road is not the place to be creative behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, ever. Unless you’re a stuntman in a controlled environment. If you’re doing something strange, it’s not safe and it surely isn’t courteous to other motororists. Hello?

if you do your illegal maneuvers and get out of the way quickly and safely, what’s the problem? – The problem is, the maneuvers are ILLEGAL (key word) and quickly and safely have nothing to do with it. Once again, ILLEGAL

risk doesn’t exist – every time you leave your house or your driveway, you are exposed to risks in life of many different kinds. I cannot believe that you subscribe to a belief that risk doesn’t exist. Unbelievable.

death and dismemberment only come from actual driving suckage.not from creative, clever and safe illegal behavior. – This statement is just as outrageous as it sounds. What you described can come from drivers just like yourself because the way you are driving sucks. There are NO creative, clever, and safe ways to be illegal. Your thought processes are amazing.

i’m not suggesting that you crash or inconvenience anyone. i’m suggesting that you make sound decisions courteously. especially the illegal ones. – I’m pretty damn speechless at this point. Let’s just read this sentence over with the referral that after you’re done with it, refer to everything I’ve already gone over above.

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Thank you.
The first thing I thought of when I saw his risk comment was Risk Assessment Professionals.

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Nope… not gonna let anyone hit me. I see your point though.

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I think about it all the time, at this one intersection near my house. You don’t have to stop if you’re making a right hand turn..but everyone sneaks around the person making a left hand turn..that is fucking illegal and drives me crazy. So when I make a left hand turn, I purposely block it so no one can pass me. It drives people insane.
I would never intentionally do it though. It’s not worth the hassle with insurance, plus I would never put my son at risk like that, and he’s always in the car. Even if he wasn’t, if his carseat is in the car and I get hit…I need a new carseat, and that fucker was $300.

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@casheroo one of my favorite things to do to people who tailgate me is to slow WAAAAAY down, like if the speed limit is forty, I’ll go twenty. And if I am lucky, sometimes I can speed through a green/yellow light and make them have to stop for the red. That always makes my day.

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@Bluefreedom i do subscribe to some strange notions. (but i heard that was normal around here) one of them does actually negate risk from all of reality but… we’ll have to talk about that another time. this question is about driving and safety and for the sake of argument we’ll allow for the mythological concept of risk, sure why not.. first of all though, really your policing work is admirable and i’m thankful to have officers taking care of us. :) i do have questions though for an officer who could answer some.

consider this example
imagine i’m at a red light at 3am at night. the lights’ going on like there’s no tomorrow and i’ve got a hot lady waiting home alone because they needed me at the office for some killer project late. I wanna head straight. The red light is glaring in my face. There’s no cars on the road for miles in any direction, no pedestrians, nothing. Clearly vacant road.

The question is: Which action is significantly more safe to take in these conditions: wait for the green OR drive through the red?

I mean really, consider why there’s a traffic light system in the intersection in the first place. Why? What’s the purpose of signs and symbols all over the streets for drivers? Why do we have laws for this stuff at all? Contrary to popular belief, they are not there to pay the officer’s salaries. The correct answer is for “For Safety Reasons.”

Now, when these laws and signs that we’ve put in place “for safety reasons” exist in circumstances where society’s “risk” is non-existent.. where their safety is not threatened.. then all those rules and signs lose all their meaning. Traffic laws are a game for an existing society who need to play by those rules. The game ends, however, when society is not around to benefit from them, when society is not in need of them.

And what is the difference between a man who obeys those rules in the example and waits for the light and man who obeys those rules while knowing he is the last man alive?... It’s strange! It’s like a little child playing cars rather than living in the real world. There is no safety risk when there is no safety risk. We have lives to live on an earth that hates idling cars.. yet we’re expected to play along for what’s comparable to meaningless children’s games.

(Wow, one could probably even make the argument that the adherence to irrelevant laws could be a sign of an oppressed conscience. Interesting to consider)

Anyway, risk is something we are able to determine with our eyes. our brains work pretty impressively well. You just have to have defensive driving skills (as well as some offensive) so that you can communicate your presence on the road using simple physics and basic human understanding. It isn’t rocket science. It’s simply thinking while you’re driving. It happens to be a fact that i don’t get into accidents and it’s not because i’m lucky. It’s because you can know what you’re doing on the road and again, this is all that I would recommend for everyone because we’d save a lot more lives and we’d all get where we’re going faster. :)

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@ninjacolin. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or who’s waiting at home or what traffic is or isn’t nearby. You wait for a red light to turn green before proceeding. It’s a traffic device that’s meant to be followed and it’s there for your safety and the safety of others. Operating a motor vehicle is not a right, it’s a privilege and with that comes the responsibility for every driver to be mature, intelligent and careful to the best of their abilities when they are behind the wheel.

All the signs and safety devices we have will never lose their meaning or importance because they will always benefit someone in some way. There is always potential safety risks when you are operating a motor vehicle and doing many other things in your life, for that matter. That’s just the way it is.

Thanks for the give and take on this subject.

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cool, i’m happy we’ve shared views!

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@ninjacolin. Me too and in such a civil manner also! Have a great evening!

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@ninjacolin lolz you sound like all the pot smokers around here justifying why doing something illegal really shouldn’t be considered illegal. I’m not implying you do or do not smoke weed. I’m just saying your reasoning sounds like theirs.
:-) aaaand to finally answer the question, yep I’ve thought about it but I’m too scared as I can’t control the outcome.

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Brand new car. Three times in two years, I’ve had to slow down suddenly on the highway, and the person behind me runs into me. I don’t have to act out a fantasy. People run into me, anyway. Believe me, it’s a real pain getting the car fixed, even if you don’t have to pay a cent for it. And the rental replacements really suck! Chrysler PT Cruiser? No wonder they’re going out of business!

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elijahsuicide, there’s never a need to follow an irrelevant law except under oppression or childs play. i have no interest in either of those.

another point to the original question:

You people get so upset with others for what? for NOT hitting you. for NOT endangering your lives. At least a person like @daloon has something valid to complain about. The rest of you do not. if you do not get hit by someone driving beside you, that means they are driving safely, right? Well, if you do not get hit by someone who performed a Uturn in the middle of a street, that also means he was driving safe.

You are getting mad at people who are DEMONSTRABLY capable of performing safe maneuvers on the road because of your own ego and your desire to control and judge others needlessly. You get mad at them and complain or honk at them for literally FAILING to inconvenience you or anyone else.. and in a quick and courteous manner no less!

You don’t need less talented drivers on the road, you need anger and stress management. Also, some better driving skills. If it’s not possible for you to be hit, then you are not in any danger. If you do not get hit, then it was not possible for you to be hit. If you take an action and cause an accident because of your pride and ego then you are the one who needs help. Not the other person.

Calm down on the road be courteous and let people through. Everyone needs a break on the road and keep in mind that the laws don’t make us any safer when they’re useless.

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by the way.. YES the laws and lights and signs are there FOR our saftey.. but NO, they do not necessarily always contribute to our safety.

Often times obeying the law is superfluous to safety. In these times you should feel free to do whatever you want on the road since in these times it is actually impossible for anyone to be harmed by doing so.

That being the case, there’s also no valid reason for anyone to judge you. ;)

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Now that’s a RANT! could you translate that into English for me, please?

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Again, justify anyway you wish, it does not make it right. And if I even think about letting someone hit me then they are not driving safe, because if it wasn’t for me swerving or slamming on my breaks the idiot driver would hit me. Maybe asshole drivers don’t get into accidents because the OTHER DRIVERS are actually paying attention and not thinking that getting someplace 5 minutes faster is worth a life.

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i have nothing to justify. it is not “right” to follow a law that cannot help or benefit anyone.

and again as i said, i’m not on the side of anyone who inconveniences you, tinyfaery. i’m on the side of people who drive well and do whatever they have to do safely and courteously and harmlessly.

idiot/inconsiderate drivers need to go, absolutely. but breaking a useless law does not an idiot-driver make! that’s all i’m saying.

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How are you safe if someone else has to get out of your way?

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no no, if someone has to get out of your way, then you are being discourteous in your illegal driving maneuvers and you deserve to be honked at. (or otherwise, annihilated)

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As I suspected. Fractured English creates a semblance of disagreement, when, in fact, both sides are saying the same thing.

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well, i’ve been trying to say that i’m not in favor of bad driving.
i’m for good driving ESPECIALLY when performing illegal driving maneuvers.

many people get upset at illegal driving maneuvers regardless of how well they are executed.

i say, do whatever you want.. just don’t hit anything and don’t inconvenience anyone.

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Good luck with that.

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And don’t do it in front of a cop.

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we should spend a day in reversed rolls.

i’ll spend a day yelling and screaming and honking and raging at every illegal and odd driving behaviors i see and you guys spend a day smiling and waving and gracefully allowing people to complete their illegal and odd driving behaviors.

then we’ll REALLY know which lifestyle we prefer.

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I personally don’t yell or scream at other people’s bad driving. I only honk if I believe it will keep them from running into my vehicle. I don’t rage at anyone else’s driving, although I might comment sarcastically or educationally so my daughter won’t pull the same stunt. I generally do allow those who wish to perform their illegal maneuvers plenty of space to complete them because I want them away from me, in case they screw it up. I also note the plentiful displays of red and blue flashing lights when the cops (who now seem to drive a lot of externally unmarked cars) pull those people over.

However, I also do not perform illegal driving maneuvers. Those signs and rules were put into place for a reason. A given driver might be able to get away with such maneuvers in one piece, but I see way too many roadside crosses for me to believe they never reap what they sow.

@ninjacolin: Let me know when you plan to be on the road so I can avoid driving when and where you are. Thanks! (smiling and waving)

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No road rage here.

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I’d like to spend a day in a fluffy roll, seems comfy.

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Willingly, or be willing to.

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Except it wasn’t willingly. He made an illegal turn in front of me. It wasn’t at all my fault and it couldn’t have been avoided.

Good point, though.

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