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Whats the best cell phone/PDA combo from Verizon?

Asked by mgandal (27points) November 24th, 2006
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As much as I hate to do it, I'd thoroughly advise against a Palm. I just got one and it's been nothing but trouble.
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Sorry to hear that, Andrew, you looked at my Treo last time we saw each other. I haven't had any problems w/the Palm OS or the Treo 650, but I have had nothing but trouble with Verizon's proprietary data bundling and e-mail pushing software. I've had Palm Treos for years with no problems except for the "flip" cover switch on the old ones. I just found out I am a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit on that, I'll probably get five bucks out of that.
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What functions do you want to use it for? I use my new Verizon phone for the calendar, address book, notes, etc. If you want, etc...I don't know the answer! I also have a PALM pilot and I love it...but answer.

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