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How big is a Costco Cake?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) March 13th, 2009

We’re trying to order cake for an event. Costco only gives their cake sizes by the serving.

The term serving is vague.

Does anyone have identifiable information as to how big their cakes are?

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I think that if they are as big as the rest of the food from there, they would be pretty big.

How many people are you serving at your event?

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How many people are you serving? If Costco is like Sam’s Club, they’re either a 1/2 sheet or whole sheet cake.

My peeps love cake, so if it’s more than 20 ppl, I get the whole sheet.

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They look very big, with a huge thick layer of some kind of custard in between the big cake layers. I would assume if it goes by the serving, that each would be a huge serving—like everything Costco.

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The sheet cakes are huge probably serve like 30 ppl

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@Lothloriengaladriel actually:

*Half Sheet Cake serves 48
*Full Sheet Cake serves 96

Now, those are small square pieces. I say half =24
and full =48 actual serving pieces.

But, like I said, my peeps LURVE I send ‘em home with extra, and share with my husband’s co-workers, too. We like to have leftovers

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@SpatzieLover I did say probably ): I’m not a costco cake expert or anything..

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I think it is a half sheet. YUMMY! Please invite me…I love cake! Get the filling….OMG the cheesecake filling is to die for!!! ps Let me know when the party is!

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The event is for around 150 people. There will be lots of little kids.

The servings per cake is rather ambiguous, seeing how they give no size per serving. Does anyone know the dimensions of their whole cakes? The dimensions of a serving?

Thanks, all.

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@blastfamy I would call to ask at your LOCAL Costco, as it suggests you do, here. I believe they must be the same as Sam’s…both 1/2 and whole sheets. For 150 people, I’d order two full sheets. Actually, if it were me, I’d order 2 full sheets and 24 cupcakes (for the kiddos)

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