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Did a leprechaun visit your home/office/classroom today?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24554points) March 17th, 2009

A leprechaun left my son coins, trinkets and chocolates today…just wondering if one visited you, too!

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A little “leprechaun” left me with veggie sticks all over the floor and then smeared yogurt all over his face. Does that count? lol

No, no leprechaun. I’ve never done anything like that.

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@casheroo cute story. kiss the leprechaun for luck! ;D

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My gift from the leprechaun was that on this, the fourth anniversary of my sister’s death, for the first time since it happened I wore green again. I said to my husband, “Kiss me, I’m Irish.”

I haven’t quite brought myself to say. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” but the day does not feel like a ghastly joke by the universe at least.

(As always, I will celebrate my sister on her birthday, but have been unable to shake this unwanted anniversary until this year’s progress.)

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@Marina I’m so sorry for your loss. This is the day my grandfather was buried, so my family has always been quite somber on this day. I don’t think it ever gets easier.

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@ Marina My condolences. I would also never forget that. And would probably have an issue with “celebrating”.

today, our GREEN parakeet was lying at the bottom of his cage. Our other parakeet is out of sorts over it, so I will need to find him a companion quickly. Before we went looking for our leprechaun goodies we said a prayer over our “Kookers” :(

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No leprechaun, but I will likely visit a green beer, or two, later tonight!

@Marina – I wish you all the best at getting through this difficult day…my thoughts are with you!!

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nope no leprechaun came to my class today, bummer!

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I got to be a leprechaun today! While the kiddos were having quiet time I made them green pudding with green bananas in it. I got food coloring on my fingers and convinced them I almost caught a leprechaun while they were leaving the snack, and their green wore off on my fingers. Ahhh, children.

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@Likeradar Thanks for sharing…that’s adorable!

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Another um, adorable? leprechaun story from today.
The kids’ kindergarten teacher put green food coloring in the toilet. “My” little dude was telling him mom about it and the other leprechaun messes around the classroom, and she asked how a small leprechaun could make such a big mess. The answer? “He must have a really big penis!”

So, yeah. That was inappropriate.

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@Likeradar That ONE is priceless and needs to be written up in a keepsake journal! LOL!

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