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Why does firefox load with a finder window (OSX)?

Asked by tinyfaery (44027points) March 17th, 2009

When I click on the safari icon in my dock it opens automatically, but when I click on the firefox icon it takes a long time and opens with a finder window. Why? Can I change this, because it really irritates me.

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What does it show in the Finder window?

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It’s a small blue window with a firefox icon and an arrow pointing right at a file folder that has pictures of a pencil, ruler and maybe a paintbrush, in the form of a triangle, on it. Does that make sense?

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Are you opening it from the disk image? Drag the Firefox Icon to your applications folder. Now drag that icon in your applications folder to your dock.

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Yay for jp! I’ve been using it like that for almost 2 years.

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OMFG… I have been so confused for about 30 minutes wondering what could be wrong.

Well, I hope everything is working fine now.

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Ahh! Thanks for making the effort. I wish I could give you more lurve. Hey, you can make that happen, right? Like on the dl?

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@tinyfaery yes in safari preferences tick “open “safe” files after downloading”

@johnpowell ditto lol beat me to it.

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