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Safari or Firefox?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) October 1st, 2008

Going by appearances and nothing more, which do you like better and why?

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I use Firefox with the GrApple theme.

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I like Safari. I like that it doesn’t draw focus boxes around things I click on (the dotted box you see when you click on a link), and the general feel of the browser. The typography is much much better. It seems a lot quicker than Firefox on my MacBook Pro, too.

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I also like the little attentions to detail, like using the same button for both refresh or and stop. After all, you can never use both at the same time.

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Safari. The browser feels consistent across platforms. It behaves the same. Everything is focused on the content of the webpage instead of the frame surrounding it.

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Safari for appearance. Unless I have a theme of Firefox. Then Firefox.

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safari for me. Runs better on my macbook.

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No firefox addon will ever be able to replicate the cohesiveness of the Safari browser.

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@windex: Yes yes, okay. :p

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:( I’m just Really surprised that Safari is winning…

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Me too, actually. Maybe us Safari folk scared most of the Firefox camp off replying. Hmm.

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Also; developers should check out the web inspector to ship in the next version of Safari. It looks even better than Firebug.

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Safari for smoothness, speed and rendering. it also have some great developer tools.

Firefox all the way if i’m on a PC tho

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Safari 95% of the time for me..

I’ve tried many times to use firefox more often but there’s just too many little things I don’t like about it. I only use it for particular dev issues where the developer toolbar or firebug comes in handy.

@richardhenry, that new inspector looks pretty cool! Apart from all those shiny new features, I hope they make it so if you’re inspecting an element on one page, it doesn’t grey everything out on another page when you change focus to another tab within the same window – it’s okay if it’s in a new window, but it always catches me out switching between tabs while inspecting!

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But use what works for you.

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I use Firefox but I don’t like the new bookmarking window. It’s too small and I have folders within folders for my bookmarks. It makes it hard to put the new one where I want.

I might go back to Safari!

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@damien: Download the nightly and drag it to your Applications. It looks just like Safari, only with the newest build of WebKit. The package itself is called WebKit, and has a different icon. It doesn’t conflict with your existing Safari install, so you don’t have to worry about backtracking when you wanna get rid of the build; just drag it to the trash.

Fun to play with, see what the Safari team have been up to in the background. The very latest build also fully passes the Acid 3 test now, which is the benchmark for correct browser rendering. It’s the first browser to ever do so.

Run the test on the browser here:

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Oh, and if you discover any bugs, report them at

(Try the release version of Safari in Acid3, and the nightly build of WebKit. You’ll see the improvement.)

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And google nightshift if you don’t want to update it manually. :)

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Webkit… Fireofx is not as good as Webkit even though they are both in my dock.

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Windex number 1: Would i need new themes if i love the safari default? it is the only thing that will ever fit well into the rest of the os.

Windex number 2: Well uhm i wanna run the original, not a copycat. not that firefox is a copycat, but it’s like running a pc and making it look like a mac.

Windex number 3: i’m not really sure what you are trying to say with that one :S it is working in safari…

Don’t get me wrong, firefox is great. it’s just that firefox is great and safari is awesome.

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Firefox is great because it’s so flexible. But Safari is awesome because it’s so solid. It looks well built, feels well built, and is generally just really fast.

Even on my Macbook Pro, if I load up Firefox it takes two bounces in the dock, and then the address bar is really slow the first time I start typing.

Safari starts in one bounce, and is immediately responsive.

There’s just something so satisfying about that.

Anyway, enough of stroking Safari’s ego for one thread.

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On a side note, I’m looking forward to trying the finished Mac release of Google Chrome.

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Safari will obviously be faster on a Mac then any other alternative browser just because Apple know how to use their OS the best, they did make it after all. Just a note. Still looks good and is sturdy all the same.

I use Firefox as I’m a Linux user, so I’ve got no say in the matter. If I was to pick between all browsers I like Chrome, no matter what others say ;)

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