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Are there any variations on/ additions to the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner that you enjoy?

Asked by row4food (3049points) March 19th, 2009

I’ve been unemployed for about 2 months now and I find myself eating a lot of Kraft macaroni and cheese (store brand doesn’t cut it). Not only is it yummy but it’s warm and comforting and reminds me of my childhood when my cousins and I ate it everyday for lunch during the summer. But I am starting to get bored with it so I thought “Maybe I can add something to make even better.”

Do any of you add anything to your Kraft to spice it up a bit? What have you tried? What have you found that works?

(I am a vegetarian, so making it into hamburger helper wont be a solution…)

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Occassionally I add a little ketchup.

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Tuna (if you still eat fish)

Also, fried left over mac & cheese is delish. Just put some butter/margarine in a skillet, add the leftovers, and brown the noodles a little.

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You could try a different brand..
The white cheddar is different, but still tasty. And it’s cheap.

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Left over mac n cheese is great in scrambled eggs.

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@casheroo I’ve had Annie’s several times and it is pretty good, but there really is nothing like the big blue box.

I might try to add some vegetables so I can get more nutrients out of it too. I guess I just never thought of something to add to it, as it stands so well on its own.

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I add bacon and spinach. I love it!

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Any frozen veggie medley is good. @elijahsuicide : I often add ketchup. Yum.
@EmpressPixie: That sounds fabulous, I must try it.

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I also love hot sauce!

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you could always switch up the cheese sauce to an alfredo or spicy jack.

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Ketchup or pepper.

That sounds delicious. I must try it.

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I make my Mac & Stuff! While the noodles are cooking, I saute Mushrooms, onions, and garlic in olive oil. When it’s close to 2 mins left of the noodles boiling I add frozen peas. Then I mix in the appropriate amount of milk and butter etc. Then I add the sauteed ingredients. (for those of you reading who eat meat, I put tuna or chicken in as well) Season with a all purpose mix. Once plated I put cold diced tomatoes on top! My friends are big fans of it, and it also keeps well. It doesn’t get grainy after being in the refrigerator because the olive oil keeps it slippery!

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I second @elijahsuicide on the hot sauce! Extra cheese and hot sauce is definitely the way to go. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, add breaded chicken with the hot sauce, and voila! Buffalo chicken mac and cheese.

On a separate note, chili and mac and cheese mix really well too.

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@IBERnineD that’s some high class mac & cheese!

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@elijahsuicide thanks I have to get creative since I am a poor college student! lol :)

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Ketchup, Franks Red Hot or Chili Ketchup.

Additionally, I enjoy ground beef sometimes, gives it a certain…je ne sais quoi!

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Oh yeah, there is casserole I make, called my Comfort Food Casserole. Basically you layer mac & cheese baked beans and sliced up hot dogs (there are some really good soy dogs out there!) Top with ketchup and crushed plain Kellogg flakes. Then bake in the oven at about 350 degrees for about 15–25 minutes, just keep an eye on it. Very tasty!

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@kritz_the_cat lurve for Franks Hot Sauce! The best!

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Add a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies. It’s pretty yummy.

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Chopped nacho jalapeƱos!

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Also try (I miss the vegetarian note the first time around):

Mozzarella, roasted/diced tomato, basil, minced garlic

Spinach, kalamata olives, feta cheese, garlic

Fennel and onions

Brie, roasted figs, rosemary, mushrooms

Cheddar, parmesan, cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, scallions, broccoli

Cheddar, pepper jack, onions, celery, garlic

(adapted from Sarita’s Mac and Cheese in NYC! I’ve tried most of them, and they are delicious.)

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@elijahsuicide I went to school at UB and everyone from Buffalo loves hot sauce. On everything. I’m convinced that it’s a WNY thing.

@IBERnineD That sounds amazing. I’ll have to try it.

@all thanks for all the ideas!

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Quite frankly, I would rather eat the box.

It is so very easy to make your own mac and cheese using whatever pasta shape you want and varying the types of cheeses used, that I am amazed that so many people love the contents of that blue box. All you need is cooked pasta, butter, flour, milk and cheese at the very least. You can use buttermilk in place of regular milk, or add any tasty item that goes well with cheese.

One of my favorite versions uses gorgonzola or blue cheese to make a taste change. Another involves garden-fresh tomatoes. Peas work well in mac and cheese and so does just about any kind of salsa.

If you make too much, then refrigerate the extra and the next day chop it into bite-sized chunks. Mix it with cherry or grape tomatoes, cold left-over peas or green beans (or asparagus), a bit of your favorite lettuce, and a simple garlic vinaigrette, and you will have a great pasta salad.

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who knew there were so many recipes for KD.
Maybe as a civilization, we aren’t as bad off as it seems

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As a kid I was forced to endure hot dogs in mine
talk about the blue box blues….

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crush some origional lays chips, and sprinkle on top and bake 4 about 30 seconds

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How about some real food.

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chopped green pepper, sauteed

(some crumbled bacon is nice, too, for nonvegetarians)

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@TitsMcGhee lurve for brie, roasted figs, rosemary, and mushrooms – anything with brie and figs in it is heavenly!

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Yes to all the steamed broccoli. Mmmmmmmm.

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quartered hothouse tomatoes from the garden and some shredded jack/colby cheese

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add some cumin and canned/bottled salsa bachelorlicious!

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I saute onions, bell peppers, and small frozen meatballs. After the Mac is done I add these items and it’s booyah!!

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It’s nice to see that my brother and I aren’t the only ones who love Ketchup on our Mac ‘n Cheese! My husband and I really like it made with sauted garlic, onion, and cilantro. We often throw in some Rotel. For those of us who are meat eaters we also add bacon and spam. When I was a kid, my mom would mix pulled pork BBQ or cooked TVP BBQ with Mac. To this day, layered mac and bbq is a comfort food. Yummy. Guess I’ve found what I’m making for dinner. Thanks!

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