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What should you do to make yourself feel better if you've been dumped and feel heartbroken?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) March 19th, 2009 from iPhone
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Have some ice cream, get a serotonin rush from some added chocolate, one good cry, THEN call friends and schedule some guaranteed FUN!

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Wallow in your own self pity for a while. Its OK to be sad. So be sad. The day will come when you wake up and say, “Enough of this.” And then you can start living again.

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I’m feeling exactly the same way right now. TitsMcGhee gave great advice here at the end. I do think it is important to allow yourself that grieving period.

Besides that, though, I would say, get distracted. Hang out with friends and family, watch movies, get out and exercise, do something you’ve never done before (hobbies). And do not contact that person! Eliminate them from your life! Delete their email from your address book, their number from your cell phone. Put everything that reminds you of that person in a bag or a box and store it away, out of sight (out of sight out of mind, right?)

Also in the same post I mentioned before I talked about some visualization techniques if it’s really bad. I’ll repost them here:

1) Imagine you and this other person are each holding the end of the rope. Then imagine the rope being cut or burned so you are no longer connected by it.
2) You are looking down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway there is a door. This person you are trying to forget opens that door, walks through it, and closes it behind them. That’s it. Make sure that in your imagery they do not look back at you.
It may seem silly. It’s more difficult than it sounds. But it really does help.

If it’s really bad yo may want to consider talking to a therapist/shrink. Friends and family are great, but sometimes it’s good to get an outside, objective perspective on the situation.

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get together with friends.
dont ignore your saddness.
talk about it.
it helps you to recognize it, work through it, and work PAST it!
good luck!

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The best cure for a man (or woman) is another man (or woman)

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your favourite comedy

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I was going to give my usual spiel, but @aviona got there before me! (Lurve for that.)

Also, in my experience, @MrKnowItAll‘s advice needs to be taken with some precaution. When I had a heinous breakup, I was absolutely distraught, and I did go out and try to find another guy immediately. I did what I knew how to do and got a handful of guys interested in me – but only in a sexual way. When I told my friend all the ridiculous things I’d been doing, he said this, “You can’t fill a hole in your heart with a penis. That will just leave you more empty.” Don’t discount possible budding romances, but just trying to replace emotional intimacy with physical intimacy will be more hurt than help.

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Be sad for a bit. There’s nothing wrong with that. Surround yourself with friends and family and people who care about you. Laugh, cry… and just remember, every day it will feel less and less bad and one day you’ll wake up and it’ll be gone.

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i watch harry potter, but im going to suggest a bubble bath and a good cry.

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Thanks to everyone, this is all really good advice. I’ve been sad for a little while & sometimes I get angry. It took me so long to finally meet someone I really liked and then he found someone else. I live in a small city so it’s hard to meet people in the first place. I’m just tired of being alone & mad to have to start all over.

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i was single for a long time too :( youll meet someone!

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never change who i am
watch a really gory bloddy horror movie
follow my feelings better
ignore negative people, keep my things
ignore negative women
listen to my fav songs
watch a hghlander movie or something related, i should havw what i want
tell people i dont need to get over anything

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excercise…the endorphins help alot

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