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Anyone have any experience with filing insurance with USPS?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) March 19th, 2009

So I bought a pricy and beautiful poster from ebay. How much it was is irrelevant, but not something I’m going to let go.
The seller had like 10,000 sales with 99.8% positive feedback.
First of all, it took a while, a long while.

Got it today and the immensely solid cardboard tube had a huge rip/crack in it. The poster had several “dents” and color had worn off some places.
This was definitely not the sellers fault, it was obviously responsibly packed.

So anyway, I’m going down to the post office later and I’m wondering how easily USPS gives you your money back or if I have to take it to civil court.

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As the receiver of the package, you won’t be able to obtain the value from the post office. Insurance is only paid to the sender, and he/she needs to fill out a paper in order to make the claim.

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Thanks Astro,
So he have to get the refund and give the money back to me then.

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Yup. Sorry. My understanding is that you’ll have to show the damage and show some kind of proof of your item’s value in order to get your refund. I would advise you take pictures of the damage and sending those pics to the person who sent you your damaged item.
Good luck.

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Well actually that’s not necessarily true. As a seasoned seller on eBay, I previously thought that was the case also.
I had a buyer who had received an item damaged in transit that I sent them USPS. I sent the buyer the receipt for postage and insurance. They took said item to post office to show damage, with receipt, created the claim and were reimbursed directly.

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