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Is there any way to find out a UPS route?

Asked by fortris (680points) April 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

Or do I just have to pray that my package gets here before 10 AM? (I leave)

It says it was out for delivery at 5 AM, in my city

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They can message the driver, so if you call your local distribution point and beg and plead very nicely, they might send a message to the driver regarding your specific package. I couldn’t say for sure whether that will fly. (Do and call the location that isn’t a UPS store.)

Also, if it’s a morning delivery, the driver gets a notice to step on it prior to 10 a.m.

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Yeah, all you can really do is call the distribution center. If you get someone helpful, they might be able to divert the driver to you before 10am – and if not, they might at least be able to give you an estimate of when he’ll get to your house (since they know what route he takes…)

If it’s not specifically a morning delivery, it’s likely that it won’t get there before 10, though – since all of the morning deliveries have to be done by then, they tend to do all of those first…

Good luck!

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If you have noticed in the past when UPS deliveries have been made to you or your neighbors….that might give you a clue. I make purchases several times a year and they almost always come within a one hour window. i.e. same time of day, every time.

This happens as they have a computer program which maps out the most fuel efficient travel pattern (i.e. max amount of right turns) for any given delivery truck.

“Out for delivery”, in my experience, does not mean anything other than you will get the package that same day.

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stalk your driver. most of the time mine get to my door around 12. and i live less than 1/2 mile from the distribution center… i can actually see it, right now…

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The way to go, go to for specific info but, generally, the sender/receiver, should have a chance to specifie delivery options.

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