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I connected my mobile to wi-fi now what?

Asked by sandystrachan (4417points) March 21st, 2009

i have connected my mobile phone via wi-fi, now how do i access the internet using the wi-fi rather than the mobile providers pack

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what kind of phone do u have?

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lg renoir kc910

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Go to the internet application, whatever that is…i don’t even know, I guess it’s one of those things where someone who actually HAS the phone would be able to tell you. Sorry =(

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Stream some porn videos, It works better with wi-fi

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@allen_o would be good you read the questions.
how do i access the internet using the wi-fi .
and as for prawn that doesnt need to be looked at :D

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In that case, not a clue, I just love porn :)

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As far as I can tell most smart phones will default to the WiFi when that is connected because it is faster and gets you of the phone network.
When the WiFi is not connected it will use the phone network.

Bottom line if that is the case on your phone is that you don’t have to do anything, the phone will pick WiFi if it can.

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