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Do you have a great scrambled egg recipe?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) March 21st, 2009

I love scrambled eggs. All sorts of ways.

This morning I made them with bits of sausage, cubed avocado, diced fresh tomato, and pepperjack cheese.

I am looking to find even more ways to enjoy them. What is your favorite of the moment?

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I have a very simple, yet delicious way to make scrambled eggs that I learned from my friends dad. I simply put the eggs in a bowl and whisk them up with whole milk until they get frothy and all the yolks are completely broken up. then I put them in the pan with a little butter and scramble them up. They come out fluffy and absolutely heavenly!

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@KatawaGrey That’s what I do too. Fluffy is so much better!

I also mix cheese in with mine sometimes. And when my grandma makes tortillas in the morning she usually makes eggs with hot dogs mixed in to go along with it. So good.

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@Allie: Apparently my grandfather used to put the eggs in the blender to make them extra fluffy. :)

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@KatawaGrey Interesting idea. Ever tried it yourself? If so, how did it work out? I find that the more you mix them in the pan the fluffier they get. Like you can’t just let them sit in the pan… a constant stir with the spatula seems to do the trick. Any other tips you can give? I love fluffy scrambled eggs.

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I cook them in a frying pan.

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@Allie: I have tried blending my eggs, though I really want to try. Mostly I just whisk them really fast with a fork until lots of bubbles appear. :)

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@KatawaGrey Excellent. Sounds like you make delicious eggs. I add the pepper into the yolk mixture. Do you do the same? Or add it to the eggs once they’re on the plate? Or not add anything at all?

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I made scrambled eggs for dinner last night. I browned some sausage with onion and garlic then mixed it in with the eggs. When the egg mixture was done cooking I placed it in a baking pan, then sprinkled cheese and crushed bacon on top and placed it in the oven until the cheese melted. It was really yummy.

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@Allie: For some reason that I do not know, I have a weak sense of taste so I don’t really put spices in my eggs. However, hickory-smoked salt is strong enough for me to taste in my eggs so when I have access to it, I put a whole bunch in and it is wonderful!

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Fluff them with milk, add pepper, a touch of salt, and finely chopped fresh sweet red peppers and a little bit of finely chopped sweet onion. Keep moving them around the pan (cast iron is best) with the spatula, and serve hot with a nice piece of medium rare top sirloin.

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I’d like to take what jonsblond made (it was awesome), throw some salsa on it, and wrap it in a flour tortilla.

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I like the eggs to be scrambled and cooked with chives and cream cheese.

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You can also throw in some minced lox with the chives and cream cheese during the scramble.

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Yum! Thanks all.

@Allie You had me until the hot dogs. That sounds like an acquired taste.

@jonsblond and blondesjon I wanna come to you hourse for dinner.

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Tarragon adds a great flavor to eggs. It’s a family favorite at my house.

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Edit: house. Tragically poor typing.

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Allie would hate this but… The way we do it in our house is slightly brown green chilli + onion + tomato + salt in pan. Add whisked egg, the rest is the same for any scrambled egg. Yep, we like to add spice in everything.

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@Marina We have breakfast for dinner once a week. You’re welcome anytime. :) I might suggest waiting a few months, then I can add fresh bell pepper and chives from the garden.

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@PnL I love them spicy! I use green chiles in eggs a lot.

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I agree on adding some milk or cream to the eggs as you scramble them. I also add pepper and sprinkle salt on top after cooking.

Other things—once the eggs have started to set, add pesto. (If I do this, I sometimes include sun-dried tomatoes and whatever veggies that are good with that on hand.)

My boyfriend really likes making the diced hashbrowns (cube potatoes, put them in the water and turn it on, drain the potatoes just when they start to boil, then fry them in a frying pan with a dash of oil and some browning onions), once sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add a bit of paprika. While you are frying the potatoes, chop and cook some bacon or shop and cook a sausage. Just as the potatoes are done, add the sausage. Then once everything is nicely heated, he likes to add the scrambled eggs and make it all one dish—the eggs cook around the hashbrowns and meat. It’s good.

I tend to prefer my eggs on the side, though.

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My mom has the best scrambled egg recipe ever:

Beat the eggs with some cream or whole milk (we do one glug per egg – we’re very precise!) – you can just whisk them with a fork or whisk, or you can whip them up in the blender to make them extra fluffy.

Melt some butter in a frying pan on very low heat, and then pour in the eggs, leaving the heat as low as you can.

Give the eggs a few minutes to warm up a bit, and then stir them, scraping the bottom of the pan, every few minutes (one of those flat-topped wooden spoons works best for this).

As they start to cook, you’ll start to see that you’re pushing solid, cooked egg off the bottom of the pan and leaving room for the uncooked egg to run in underneath it – keep doing this until all of the egg is cooked.

Slow-cooking them like this makes the eggs all creamy and custardy – it’s a totally different experience than regular scrambled eggs, but it’s SO good! The slower you cook ‘em, the more custardy they end up – when I have the patience, I do mine for about half an hour, but you can turn the heat up a bit and do them in 15 minutes, and you still get a nice creamy texture. I also like to throw in a little rosemary, when I’m feeling extra fancy!

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@sdeutsch you’ve got me hankering to go cook up some egss!

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I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow…

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Eggs+ Franks Red Hot+ Cheese= WIN

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