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(4 all history buffs): Texan violation of bracero program in 1951?

Asked by shared3 (921points) March 21st, 2009

I stumbled upon this quote from

Increasing grievances from various Mexican officials in the United States and Mexico prompted the Mexican government to rescind the bracero agreement and cease the export of Mexican workers. The United States Immigration Service, under pressure from various agricultural groups, retaliated against Mexico in 1951 by allowing thousands of illegals to cross the border, arresting them, and turning them over to the Texas Employment Commission,qv which delivered them to work for various grower groups in Texas and elsewhere.

Now, is there a name for this? Where can I find more information about this? I honestly did try already myself, but since I haven’t had a thorough education in that part of history yet, I’m completely at a loss.

Can anyone help??

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Here is something from an El Paso Community college. Another articel.

Would you be interested in the Bracero archive?

Here is material from the library at Oregon State University.

Is this the sort of material that you wanted?

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Isn’t that involuntary servitude? So I guess Texas was the last state to allow slavery.

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@Marina: Unless, I’m missing something, the links you gave me was just about the bracero program in general. I’m actually specifically interested in the 1951 decision to basically bait illegals and trap them for slave labor, because that seems really weird to me…you’d think there would be a public outcry over stuff like that…

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OK, I guess I am unclear what it is you want to know. What do you mean by name for it? To supply the farm labor need, the illegals were arrested for illegal entry, but then allowed to work on the Texas farms. While there, the conditions were pretty poor, because Texas had never been a party to the protections provided by the bracero agreement.

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Is it a coincidence that the state that violates trade agreements, promotes slavery, provided two of our most blood thirsty presidents and is offering another, and has an express line to executions it trying to force the rest of the country to become more like Texas?

I know that there are good and decent people in that state but can’t understand why they put up with such authoritian and corrupt leadership.

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