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Piano because I’m sexy and versatile.

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I think I’m a cello on the inside, but I’m sure people think I’m a fiddle.
My mind is calm, can be melancholy or dramatic, and powerful. But to the world I’m a sprightly jig with some complicated pieces and a killer pace.

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A french horn.

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A guitar, everyone plays guitar… wait that doesn’t sound right… maybe a balalaika because only a few people know what that is and get it.

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Piano fo sho. Kind of what Elumas said; that sums it perfectly.

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@JeanPaulSartre – I definitely had to Google that. Cool instrument!

Myself, I think I’d be a violin – I can be sometimes as thoughtful as a Mozart piece, sometimes as erratic as a frenzied fiddle, and sometimes wistful and sad.

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A trombone.

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I know what a balalaika is! Probably because I’m Russian…

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@JeanPaulSartre: My guitar teacher had one of those, I loved it to pieces. Interesting choice.

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I would be a beautiful, yet slightly out of tune grand piano.

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A bad ass drum kit.

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I want to be a Kazoo.

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I would definitely be a Saxophone because I’d sound awesome, I’d look even better, and I would be able to mix myself into the sounds of a wide genre of music styles. Variety is the spice of life.

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Probably an oboe because I may seem a little odd/quirky/silly at first glance, but what comes out of my mouth can be quite serious. usually

I play the piano so it was hard not to choose that one!

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Trumpet, definitely trumpet. Played by someone who’s only had it for a few weeks. Hissing quietly with force until a breakthrough is made, and the result is a blaring, unsettling jolt of sound, followed shortly thereafter with a blessed but awkward silence.

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@3or4monsters – What a great description, especially about the “blessed but awkward silence”. I know what that’s like.

Bagpipe! Drum kit! Kazoo! Please elaborate.

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A sleek, sexy, soulful saxophone.

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I feel like I would be a viola, slightly less showy than a violin, a little lower, a little more wistful, but with a deep vibrating connection to the heart.

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I’m a piano. I can be elegant and cool, or rollicking, or subtle.

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Hurdy Gurdy, I’m best in small doses

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A Bowed Psaltry. It’s a beautiful instrument, from the middle ages, and it’s the first instrument I learned to play. Also, not that many people know about so that’s kinda’ a bonus I reckon. lol

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A cello because, well, I have my reasons :-p

But if I were to play an instrument, I’d play this [NSFW] harp.

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