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Does anyone like Pitchfork's new design and layout?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20237points) March 23rd, 2009

I don’t really care for it myself. Anyone like it or dislike it and why?

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No, sir, I don’t like it.

The organization is all jumbled. I like cleaner pages. And the flow is weird. Why can’t they simply have the most current stories in order going down the page? Plus, I think the font is dull. The background is gray! That’s boring!

Mind you, I don’t know the first thing about HTML or CSS, but I know what I like. I wasn’t thrilled with the old format either, but this isn’t an improvement by any means.

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I find it easier to navigate than the old site, but that’s the only plus I can think of, at least as a reader. There’s probably lots of stuff that’s better behind the scenes.

I think they lost a lot by ditching their old aesthetic, with the blue. The new site is much less distinct. I have no idea what site I’m on when I’m looking at it. I think this is true of the new Seed Magazine design as well. Both sites remind me of wireframes.

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I’m in the minority..I like it because of what I feel is more intuitive navigation.

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It looks so bloggy now. As opposed to a searchable website.

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