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What do you do when a volcano erupts?

Asked by dearest_prudence (464points) March 23rd, 2009

I am scared, Mount Redoubt is erupting as we speak

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Depending on how close you are, evacuate ?

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Either evacuate, or take a kick-ass pose in case you are fossilized as the people of Pompeii. (How horrible, <3 u)

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well, since I’m in Michigan, not much.

Or freak out!

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Run for your life if you can little girl….

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Run like hell I would say, wonder how fast molten lava travels???

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@rooeytoo- not very fast
our biggest concern is the ash

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This is from the National Weather Service. Good luck and keep your water supplies away from anything that might get ash in it!

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@bnjaminlevi- no, don’t wanns do that

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I think you burn. Or suffocate. I’m not sure.

@lazydaisy Where in Michigan?

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Pls forgive me, sometimes i read to fast. And there is this timezone dif. 0:35 over here

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Sounds like orgy time to me!
Imagine the fun when the archeologists unearth that one ;)

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How close are you to the volcano?

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@kelly- maybe a couple of hundrend miles away, not exactly sure
we are mostly concerned about the ash

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run for the hills!

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at a hundred miles, I’d take pictures

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@charliecompany34 – No, no! Not the hills! Run away from the hills! The hills are alive with the sound of hissing, roiling lava.

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We have been passively monitoring Redoubt’s activity in my Geology class. Hopefully it will continue with these minor eruptions rather than one gigantic one.

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If you have pets I would keep them inside and cover any water supplies or gardens.
Honestly I am not really sure what you are supposed to do but I would make sure I had everything I need in the house, at least enough to last a few days.

OH…....and I would make sure I had my camera so I could take pictures!! :)

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@kelly- the ash is good for the vegetation, but my cats stay inside anyway, not by their choice, but we make sure they stay inside
I am concerned about my health
since I started sleeping it seems I get sick a lot more

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@dearest_prudence I was just talking to FGS about this question and he said that volcanic ash is rock ash and is not good or bad for your garden. Depending on how much you would have falling you might want to consider covering any gardens.
Also, the ash is very bad for you to breath so you should really make sure you are not breathing it in.

Of course all this depends on how close you are to the actual volcano.

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Hopefully, be somewhere else. For sure you should pick someone you know out of the immediate area & go visit them.

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Hope the Doctor and Donna get there in time.

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Get the hell away from it ASAP!!!

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@kev- DUH!
yeah, can’t really do that but I will keep that in mind if I feel the need

(good seeing you here kev)

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You have to be long gone before it gets there.

I don’t know how many of you remember Mount St Helens’ eruption in in 1980. Everyone except Harry Truman had been evacuated off the mountain. There was a logging camp where people worked about 15 miles away with another mountain in between. There was a vulcanologist filming on the next mountain also over 10 miles away. There were a few campers on the far sides of other mountains who couldn’t even see MSH. They were all gone because the debris abd mud was traveling up to 60 mph and in some places over 20 miles distance. There is no running away.

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I usually just witness that sort of thing on TV… i’d just sit back and watch.

If ash is a worry, can’t you just stay indoors and seal up?

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@JellyB – yes I can, but I’m not sure how my job will take it, supposed to work tomorrow but won’t go in if the ash comes

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@dearest_prudence Well, if it really is a risk to your safety to go out, then so be it, there’s nothing they can do about it. What a pickle… How often to you get things like this happening?

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@JellyB not that often, mt spurr erupted in the 90’s, I was here for that

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@dearest_prudence Oh….How long does it last for then? The ash and stuff? I mean, if it’s that bad, is anybody really going to be shopping and going about their unecessary daily trips? Would it even matter if onces every couple of years the store is closed because of this?

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@JellyB – yes, people will still be making unnecessary shopping trips
we have had fires where the alarm goes off and the customers don’t want to leave
I tell you, I live in a land of morons
when you are in a building and the fire alarm goes off, please tell me you leave

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@dearest_prudence LOL! That’s crazy! Yes, i will most certainly leave!! :D

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@JellyB – I thought you might

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If I were you I’d split like now. I’m from Hawaii and we always joke there you can run to see the eruption. Any where else in the world you run away!

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@cooksalot we are a safe distance away from any magma, it is the ash we are concerned about, I am going to go nuts being stuck in the house w/the kids if we can’t go anywhere because the winds carried the ash this way
I don’t think I would like to be in HI

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Haha, I know growing up if never occurred to me that we were living on a dormant volcano. All I could think was let me off this ROCK! LOL!

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Order a pizza.

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