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What's your favorite RPG Strategy game an/or which one would you reccomend to try out?

Asked by Kevisaurus (287points) March 23rd, 2009

I have a few accounts online for various RPG games and belong to a couple guilds too. To break up the ennui it would be nice to find a new one to try out. Thanks

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Chrono Trigger.

Or did you mean MMORPG? World of Warcraft.

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Might help if you listed what you already participate in to avoid being recommended to those games. Just sayin’.

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MMO’s are ghey.

I am really looking forward to Diablo III though (which is an action RPG with cooperative online play, not an MMORPG).

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For a MMORPG game, I too would say World of Warcraft.

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RPG Strategy? Final Fantasy Tactics is all I can say if thats what your truly looking for; simply awesome.

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I’m all for TES IV: Oblivion. While the ‘vanilla’ edition is awesome in itself, the sheer number of mods you can get online to customise your game is incredible. The stuff some users design basically creates an entirely new game. It’s literally impossible to finish it because new quests, levels, spells, weapons, armour, allies, enemies, cities, dungeons and companions are created every day. And most of these mods are so professionally done that it looks like the real thing.

Oblivion: the game with infinite expansion packs

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Boooo Oblivion! Get TES III: Morrowind!


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I think that you were speaking of browser games, Kev. If you are into strategy, is a sci-fi browser game (I’m in Universe 9 there)

A free online RPG I am having a lot of fun in (well its rree and you can expand the map by buying “crowns” at about a buck per area) right now is

It is not as full of silly kids like we faced in Endless Online. Chat is heavily monitored is the only downside. I think you’d like it.

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Thanks Michale. I think I just one one of those slow time games. I wasn’t as clear as I needed to be. No games where you have to walk around forever to do stuff. I want to keep that side to a minimum.

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I don’t have one that i’ve fallen in love with yet.

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i don’t play online rpg’s and strategy games, i live action roleplay and and do mock swordfighting

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I assume you mean online MMORPGs like WoW. I don’t do that.

Offline single-player games I’ve enjoyed over the years include the Might&Magic series, the first two Gothics (didn’t manage to play the 3rd one yet) and Neverwinter Nights. Oblivion is surely amazing (as all the previous Elder Scrolls games), though I haven’t managed to play any of those either due to time limitations. And if you’re into retro-gaming, try and find a bugless version of Daggerfall (needs DOS, graphics are quite good though). I also enjoyed all the Quest for Glory games, though these are not pure RPGs in the traditional sense.

The only online RPG I’ve played was Lineage, but I was on a buggy server, so I didn’t enjoy it much. Might be better nowadays.

For browser-based online games, try Dragoncourt (1 or 2) at – highly addictive despite the rudimentary graphics. And it’s free (but you cannot go beyond a certain level unless you register).

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final fantasy 7
mario rpg

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@madcapper: Tactics was fail.

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You’re the first to say that Tactics was fail. Unless you’re talking about Tactics Advance, which is fail.

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@asmonet and how do you figure???

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OMFG, my inner nerd fails. I was thinking Advance. Apologies. Tactics was amazing, Advance was bullshit.

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@asmonet ahh yes thank you for the correction haha

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