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If you could be your own super hero, who would you be?

Asked by FGS (1932points) March 24th, 2009

No already used super heroes here. Put on your imagination hat and come up with something kewl…not just cool, but kewl. Please include all of the uber super powers you would have.

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Booming Brock. (brock is my real name) I would be a super hero who could explode things at will

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I’d be the impregnator. Watch out ladies…

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I would be “Dimension”. I would have the power to paint into existence any item or a portal to whatever dimension I create through my paintings.

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well, I’d be either Rogue or Mother Nature
Rogue from x-men and Mother Nature needs no explanation
I know, not very original, but I do like Rogue bunches

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I honestly have my own mini superhero comic in the making. The Chameleon. She doesn’t have a traditional power of any kind. She just doesn’t get noticed to such an extent that it is a power. She then is able to overhear conversations and leave notes and fight ‘evil’ through pacifistic and slightly sarcastic means. She is not invisible, she can be seen. She wears bright colors and does everything with playfulness and snark. She is likely living in a universe where desire can influence The Way Things Work. Allegory and metaphor are dangerous due to the fact that they are often taken (by the universe) literally. There are Rules (IE: The bad guy always has to gloat and reveal the whole plan or The dryer occasionally takes socks (as sacrifice?)). The Old Ones/Big Guy(s) Upstairs/etc. speak only in all caps. The universe has Active Conscious Intent as well as a sense of humor, if you can call it that.
Saying something like “Bloody hell” will incite a response of “WELL, NATURALLY” from a vague downward direction.
Saying something like “I feel like a ton of bricks” is a Really Bad Idea.
There is a lot of Unnecessary Capitalization because… well.. archetypes.

(The Internet is an archetype of its own. It takes itself too seriously, argues with itself, has infinite permutations,.. etc. Lolcats and ilk are the equivalent of statues of saints. )

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I know you don’t care, but you did ask.

You is everyone who reads that and rolls their eyes. Including me.

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I would be known as “The Boom King”. My power would be the ability to cause a person to shit themselves with a gesture.

My kryptonite would be constipation and colostomy bags.

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@delirium Why wouldn’t I care? Your response was exactly the type of imagination I was seeking with this question.

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I don’t do the whole “OC” thing often, and I tend to feel like the person is often taking themselves too seriously. I guess I’m inclined to take myself less seriously in public due to that fact. Especially when I ramble on and on about something I’m working on.

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@delirium “OC” thing?

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Original Character.

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@delirium Glad you cleared that up…wheeeew…I was thinking Obsessive Compulsive :)

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Hahahahahahaha. That makes everything so confusing it’s amazing. Love it!

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Just a little :)

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I would probably be Orgazmo. Bringing climaxes to people the world over in the blink of an eye.

Able to leap over 4 poster beds in a single bound, x-ray vision to look past clothes and admire the curves of lovely ladies everywhere, impervious to errant sexual bullets (a.k.a. – STD’s), and fast enough to outrun all committments that might result from sexual escapades.

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I would be The Time Stopper.

I would be able to stop time in one week blocks, thus allowing me time to catch up on projects, housework or just relax and sleep.

I can’t invoke this power too much though, as I soon begin to age faster than everyone else.

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Evelyn, the 300 foot tall goddess with six boobies. She is immortal, and has all the powers that comes with that, she can appear as any size she wants, from her normal 300 foot tall, ordinary human size, and down to the size of a bunny rabbit. She has this little trick where if she wiggles a finger at you, and you are a man, you are immediately aroused, and everyone knows that when you get a man thinking with his little head, he is putty in your hands.

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I would be slingshot.

If I had to limit myself to one power, my super power would be the ability to instantly teleport myself anywhere I can see. If I could have more than one power, I’d go with a psychic sensory to read minds, and have the ability to proactively avoid attacks made at me (like a spider sense).

Slingshot was of course my second pick to Orgazmo but Bluefreedom took that one =)

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@delirium I think your answer (first one) was amazing..don’t do yourself down.. you are obviously a very creative and beautiful soul x

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I would be The Great Revealer (a name given to me by someone else). I would have the ability to reveal all things about a person, at anytime, anywhere. Some seem to think I already possess this power. So perhaps I do…muwahahaha.

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I like the Scientist, considering it matches me so well. The Scientist would be the Mad Scientist before he went mad, using technology and his own ingenuity to achieve his plans. He would have a state-of-the-art jet with cryotechnology to transport him to the future and a faster-than-light drive to return him to the past. Because as all science-lovers know, time slows as you reach the speed of light, stopping completely at approximately 299792458 m/s; therefore logic would dictate that a faster-than-light drive would send oneself back in time.
The Scientist would have an old english masion bristling with hidden technology, including your stereotypical hidden passage leading to his workshop, where he designs newer and more impressive gadgetry. Think Ironman but with more gadgets and less of an ego problem. He would have pushed the boundaries of modern physics to make what was once considered magic into scientific reality, such as stilling the vibrations of an objects component atoms to instantaneously freeze the object to absolute zero (-273 degrees), manipulating the space between each atom to allow matter to ‘phase’ through each other; being able to jump through walls and ‘ghost’ through bullets, although he would have to be careful not to fall through the floor and into the centre of the earth. He would use complex electrical and magnetic fields to divert lights path around him, rendering himself invisible. Genetic engineering and gene-splicing would allow him to make billions curing genetic diseases to fund his research, as well as creating fantastic creatures to keep him company; lizards given bat wings and helium-producing bacteria in their gut would become dragons of legend. Splicing an eagle’s wings onto a humans back allow men to become angels. With his brains, his imagination and his money, there is nothing the Scientist cannot achieve.

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Name-Prince Nimaikanaro Fire, friends call me ‘Nima’
1st Knyht of Ekklesia, warrior, priest, & ambassador.
Ekklesia is a realm one must be born to: It touches all times and places but is touched by none; all who crave entrance must enter thru the Door of I AM.I live in mine khastle, amidst the vibrant life of m’Lord: KING of kings.
Garbed in silver/black armor w/ gray and scarlet robes.
Mine Sword is LogosFlamen, and by this blade plunged into my heart have I been born into Ekklesia. I wield the Fire that is the Spirit of my King!
I train knyhts in the service of the King. Defending the weak, our wrath undoes the wicked, and upholds the righteous.
I am an historian, philosopher, poet & artist.
We knyhts are twice born and wilt die but once. We seek to deliver they who art born but once and wilt mayhaps die twice.
The world is shrouded in dark veiled lies; only the holy beam of Logos Flamen wilt burn the Truth brightly for the blinded to see.
To make War and Peace is mine mission! I am the foe of evil and friend of lost souls: warrior and ambassador both! I am the KNYHT Fire, and this is my battle cry! AVRAS! Fortis en Veritas !

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