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Has anyone lost a S.O. over their Fluther obsession?

Asked by chyna (47172points) March 24th, 2009

I saw a headline where Jennifer Anniston dumped John Meyer over his twitter obsession and wondered if anyone here had a S.O. give an ultimatum of “me or fluther”?

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I think I may be getting close.

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I saw that headline too. I think it’s just sensationalism. Whenever people break up, it’s never just one thing.

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Umm. No. But I have lost sleep and productive work time, and probably a little head, but not an entire SO.

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No, not over fluther, but about being on the computer too much in general. I used to be on here until midnight, 1:00. My husband finally blew a gasket. So I get off of here at 9:00 every night. I don’t like it, but I do it to keep the peace. The rest of the day, I’m on getting emails, IMing, etc., so it’s a small thing to do to smooth the waters.

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I would have to point out that if I’d rather be spending my time online as opposed to with my SO, they aren’t that S to begin with.

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No, I actually read most of it to my husband. If I’m on, in the evening, it’s because he’s doing something or we’re watching a cheesy movie that I can’t or won’t follow.

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I’m so glad that I share my obsession with my husband, otherwise there would be trouble!

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Is there anything Twitter cannot do?

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twitter obsession, really? waht is he, 16?

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Nope. Just the opposite—it sucked my boyfriend in! (He’s around here somewhere.)

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@EmpressPixie : At last, a worthy use of “suck.” Congratulations. Cake is on the way.

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My SO is a World of Warcraft junkie, so he can’t really complain if I’m on the computer too much. I’m sure it makes him happy because it means I leave him alone if I’m on here all day while he’s playing. And yes.. we have hobbies/activities/events that involve eachother. :)

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Mine definitely resents it…

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@gailcalled: Hooray! I wish I could celebrate, but I’m no fool. The cake is a lie.

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My S/O (Kelly27) and I migrated from WIS.DM together. After meeting on WIS.DM we tend to be a package deal :)

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Mine is getting annoyed. He says he’d rather me get a day job, so I wouldn’t have to interact with people online…which just makes me mad at him, that he thinks thats why I come on here. We’re working on it. I think if our old laptop worked properly, he wouldn’t whine so much.

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I’ve lost a few things over my Fluther obsession (especially my innocence) but my S.O. isn’t one of them.

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@syz ; mine too.

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no…but my ex SO introduced me to Fluther and we broke up for other reasons…. I think he still visits occasionally….

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