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When in Philadelphia, where is best place to Philly Cheese Steak?

Asked by rahb (128points) March 25th, 2009

I will be visiting there soon and want to have the primo version

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It’s definitely not Pat’s. I went there last year and the steak was so chewy, it was terrible!

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I’ve had both Pat’s and Geno’s. I prefer Geno’s.

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thx for the heads up!

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Pat’s or Geno’s.

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I went to a place called Campo’s Deli in Philly and had an amazing Cheesesteak

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I will make a list and try several. Thx for all the help, friends…

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I live in Philadelphia, only tourists go to Pat’s or Geno’s. My favorite place as a local would have to be Chubby’s Steaks in Roxborough.

Jim’s on south street is pretty good as well, and very convenient to get to.

If you do end up at Pat’s or Geno’s, whatever you do do NOT get wiz on it. American or Provolone only. Wiz steaks are terrible.

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i’m a huge fan of Ishkabibbles, but i usually get a burger there. i know i’ve eaten at pat’s and geno’s..but its been so long, and they didn’t really stick out to me. i don’t like jim’s on south street, because it’s overrated in my opinion.

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I worked my Google-fu and got this list.

Dammit, I’m trying to lose weight! I should not be thinking of going down there just to eat!

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Jim’s is my absolute favorite (even if it is overrun by tourists). Be prepared to order when you hit the front of the line. Nothing is more annoying than waiting in a 30 minute line only to have the person in front of you say, “Hmm, I haven’t made up my mind yet.”
I personally cannot eat Pat’s. As someone above mentioned, the meat is chewy. I used to joke that I would only eat there if someone prechewed the food for me.

Also, people argue about this all the time, but if you want the “classic” Philly cheesesteak, get it with Whiz (yes, I mean Cheese Whiz) and onions. At Jim’s, just say, “I want a steak with-with”.

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Tony Lukes.

Pats and Genos are where all the tourists go, but this is where all the philladelphians go. Best cheesesteak I’ve ever had!

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When I was there over New Year’s, my friend took me to Abner’s. It was wonderful, and I second @battlemarz : NO CHEESE WHIZ!

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