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What bands today are going to last long like Queen or Led Zeppelin?

Asked by niki (714points) March 25th, 2009

what do you guys think?

and also, why do you think old 70’s bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin can last very long, and even up until now many people still remember and even give high kudos & respect to them, and that their songs seems to be played everywhere? unlike today’s bands…it seems today that although there seems to be many more bands than in the past (confirm this?) , yet ironically, they easily come and easily goes, with leaving no marks.
Why is this ? What’s causing this?

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Modest Mouse
Built to Spill

I think the band has to have many good Albums, not just a hit or two. It also helps to have lyrics or concepts that are timeless.

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Coheed and Cambria.

Edited to add: I think they were music that could reach across generations because they didn’t affiliate too strongly with any one style that could go out of popularity.

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People are going to hate me, but I think Coldplay.

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@Elumas I completely agree with you on Coldplay.
@forestGeek Yes to Radiohead.
@EmpressPixie Yes to NIN. But Coheed and Cambria? Ew… :)

My picks are Tool, Coldplay, John Mayer (great musician), and hopefully Kings of Leon. These aren’t necessarily my current faves, but I think they have staying power.

I think the reason these bands today don’t stay around as long is because 1) there are too many new bands coming out all the time to compete and keep up and 2) they’re over produced and basically have less quality than the old bands. The lyrics are lacking and the musicianship is lacking big time.

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Dave Matthew’s Band and U2

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i dont listen to any of todays music except if they came out with a new album and started around that time when led and van halen started

if so < metallica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@essieness: Coheed was a whisper because I more want it to be one than think it will.

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I think it’s funny that the two bands you chose to epitomize timelessness were Queen and Led Zeppelin. I think I would have chosen The Beatles and Elvis.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t disagree with the quality of Queen and Led Zeppelin, I just think it strange to use them as the epitome of old music still remembered.

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@EmpressPixie I love coheed! maybe because they remind me of older bands
I don’t think bands today really have the type of influence as bands used to. There are a lot of great bands out there, but they aren’t radio popular.

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@elijahsuicide and @EmpressPixie Coheed reminds me of Rush, and I hate Rush… Not to knock your personal preferences or anything.

@Les So are you a Bealtes man or an Elvis man? This will tell me a lot about you, you know!

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Pearl Jam, of course

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@essieness: I’m a Beatles woman.

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@Les Touche. And so am I :)

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@forestGeek, lurve for the Decemberists! Have you listened to tHoL yet?

I’m going to have to mention Foo Fighters, if only in my husband’s honor. They’re talented musicians and have been able to work in the business for a long time

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I think The Foo Fighters will last. Dave Grohl is amazing.
I think the key is to stay ahead of everyone else.

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@zephyr826 jinx on the Foo Fighters! we posted at the same time

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@elijahsuicide , I’ll buy you a coke!

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Muse seems to be building a huge following, and their last couple of albums were damn near perfect. I think they will be the standard definition in Prog Rock for the next few years.

I’m “great answering” everyone who said Radiohead because Thom Yorke is a genius.

No one has mentioned The Killers?

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@alossforwords I love muse, but I think bands like them and the killers were a big trend. I don’t see them hanging on, but I hope I’m wrong.

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@zephyr826 – I’ve only heard one song from it, and I loved what I heard. Look forward to listening the whole thing.

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There comes a point when every band has to determine their lifespan by their ability to be innovative without sacrificing their individual style. Muse has a new album due out this year, so I guess we’ll see.

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Modest Mouse?! And I’ve never even heard of Decemberists.

I love Led Zeppelin, but I don’t know the answer to this…were they big when they first came out? If so, then it makes it easier to answer this question…because if it’s just some obscure band, then I have no clue.

I can see Coldplay lasting a long, long time. I wish Snow Patrol would be up there too.
NIN, Nirvana. Hmmm, I’m trying to think of others.
Oh, definitely Jane’s Addiction.

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Some of this will agree with others…

Nine Inch Nails
Beatallica (a beatles/metallica fusion band)
Richard Cheese (parody always sells)
The White Stripes
Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
Barenaked Ladies
Smash Mouth

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NIN has already lasted a long time. The band was formed in 1988. Props to Trent Reznor for outliving his competition.

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@alossforwords Much lurve for Muse. Definitely a great band. I consider them akin to Radiohead, but with more of an edge. The Killers… not so much.

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A few others I think will last…

Flaming Lips
Massive Attack
Belle & Sebastian
Neutral Milk Hotel

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@forestGeek Good picks! What about Portishead (although, they’re not so new)? In that same genre, I have to mention Thievery Corporation (they have an amazing duet with the Flaming Lips as well as a cool one with Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction) and Morcheeba. I’m also adding The National and Neko Case.

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@forestgeek- I LOVE CAKE!! Great choice. :o)

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@essieness – Ah yes, definitely Portishead, Morcheeba and Thievery Corporation!

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Tool, NIN, Seether for sure.

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I hate to say this because it breaks my heart… but with communication expanding as quickly as it is, there will probably never be another Led Zeplin or Queen. There are too many snares and obstacles for bands now. Legal battles are more costly, contracts are bigger and more demanding. There are also so many bands trying to build on a sound. I think now there is a accessable band for every type of sound that appeals to us. The bands with originality will survive the longest, but it seems like a matter of time before everyone sells out. I love Tool, but the truth is the concerts aren’t as good as they were before Maynard broke off to form A Perfect Circle. Alice in Chains had the formula until Layne Staley died after a fight with substance abuse. Seether needs to branch out big time to make it in the future. I’m going to their show in a couple of weeks, but they still aren’t headlining.

@forestGeek Good call on Beck. He’s lasted for 20 years, started around 90, got a hit in 94… the 2008 album Modern Guilt is one of my picks for best of 2008. Much lurve.

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@alossforwords I’ve seen Tool three times, and I have to agree with you about their shows. Unless you’re a hardcore, fan like myself, they can seem pretty boring. Meh, what can we do? I’ll still see them every chance I get. The day Layne Staley died was a sad, dark day for rock and roll, but I did see Chains in 2007 when they opened for Velvet Revolver (the tables should have been turned if you ask me), and I have to say the new lead singer did a great job of keeping the spirit of Chains alive. Beck is a totally underrated artist, maybe because he comes of as silly or quirky. My favorite album of his is actually Sea Change (which he wrote after a breakup with his long term girlfriend). So much gut wrenching sadness in that album. I think the level of introspection that groups like Tool and the Chains had is escaping newer bands. It’s more about selling records than reaching into hearts anymore. It’s really sad actually.

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I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the Red Hot Chili Peppers yet. They will last for many, many years to come (and already have).

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@lefteh Unfortunately RHCP is on hiatus. They disbanded last year, but they had a great run. Flea plays with The Mars Volta from time to time which is always cool to hear. I hope we haven’t heard the last of them.

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I’m only counting acts that got their first hit after 2000, my reasoning being that if an act started in the 80s or 90s and we still talk about them when it’s almost 2010, then they have lasted, IMO.

Arcade Fire
Animal Collective
Gnarls Barkley
Franz Ferdinand
Vampire Weekend

I give these bands Honourable Mentions for having names I like:

The Jimi Homeless Experience
Fuck…I’m Dead
I Am David Sparkle
The Robot Ate Me

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@alossforwords Lurve for The Mars Volta.

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Definitely Tool.

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@alossforwords: Yes, but they’re still a “current band.” They won a host of Grammys two years ago, I think that qualifies them..

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G Love and Special Sauce
Jason Mraz
Jack Johnson

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I can’t even answer…there are so many that I think will survive that have already been mentioned, but i’ll back up my support for:

Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Tool, RHCP

and i’d throw in Phish as likely to last (even if the band itself keeps taking “hiatus’, the music will last).

Also…sadly (at least for me) I think Coldplay will last. Though i’m not happy about it!

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