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Why are Lululemon/TNA/whatever other company that makes yoga pants all the rage?

Asked by THATguy (54points) March 25th, 2009

What makes these things so popular among the general population seeing as how a lot of women(yes I know they make stuff for guys too but it is mostly a female thing) don’t do yoga

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Because truly, there is no more comfortable article of clothing than yoga pants.

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Yoga clothes are like sweats in comfortableness, but they cling tightly and make your butt look good. :)

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@3or4monsters Yeah I’m a fan of girls wearing yoga pants for that reason :) just wondered if that was the ONLY reason why they wear them.

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@THATguy: The reasons @SuperMouse & @3or4monsters listed are the only reasons I know of. They are comfortable, versatile, wrinkle free, and usually attractive…how many more reasons does a girl need? Oh, and they’re great for yoga!

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@bythebay OH YEAH! I forgot about yoga! ;) Seriously though.. I use them for all my workouts, great for not snagging or twisting on your limbs when you get sweaty.

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In general, women look really good in them – so I don’t mind :)

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