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Do I save myself anything by blotting grease off of pizza before I eat it?

Asked by blueberryme (328points) November 11th, 2007

I was just curious what, if anything, I am saving myself nutritionally by blotting orange, greasy grossness off of pizza before eating it. I know, if I were truly concerned, I could avoid the pizza all together. Also, do other people do this?

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Youre only blotting off the top layer. You’d have to crush the pizza to get all the grease out.

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I certainly do. And while you obviously aren’t going to get all the grease out of a pizza by blotting the small lakes of grease off, it sure is better than nothing.

I had a friend who worked in a nice Italian restaurant who said that greasy pizza is a sign of low quality cheese. High quality cheese isn’t greasy like that.

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Thanks for your responses! It’s my first Fluther query and it is so fun to see people respond! :)
@ Spargett – I didn’t think about the high quality cheese element, but that certainly rings true in my experience. Gnarly grade school cafeteria pizza – VOLCANOES of grease! Delectable pizza in France – none at all! In fact, they even serve a spicy oil to go with pizza! Can you imagine adding grease to most pizzas in the US? Yikes!

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Pizza isn’t bad for you unless low quality controlled ingredients are used. Oil and fats are needed for nutrient absorption, and to enjoy a well-balanced diet. Cheap greasy pizza is BAD! Any and all mopping is a step in the right direction.

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…and when you opt for a second piece-then poof! goes that theory ;-)

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lol I think its gross, its all slimy. Usually its absent but I blot it off when its on there.
Then again real pizza (cooked in a pizza oven) doesn’t have it so maybe u could just eat different ones lol.

Btw doubt its saving u aything aside from maybe the gross ness :-P

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Guilty… none recently since I discovered California Pizza Kitchen in my local wal-m*rt’s freezercase—yummy.

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getting a little off is better than nothing.

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I guess it’s better than nothing!

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You absolutely are being more nutritional by blotting off the grease. I’ve seen this tip on several talk shows like Oprah and Tyra (haha, I know…) and they all say it is that pizza is quite healthy as long as you blot the grease.

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Yes, even small victories are victories!

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No way!!!!More oil and grease on the cheese,the betta! Here in Brooklyn New Yawk we pride ourselves on finding the greasiest pizza restaurant and we wear those stains with distinction and it also serves as a badge of honor ! Nothing is betta when you use the thin crust to soak up those wonderful puddles of love.

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Yes, I think you do.

But the only thing I blot is bacon. I have never heard of blotting off pizza.

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