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Where do you think the biggest fight against censorship should be in this day and age?

Asked by forestGeek (9297points) March 27th, 2009

There has obviously been a lot of talk/discussion about censorship on Fluther these days, as we all no doubt know. Though even in my short time being alive I have seen so many walls broken down when it comes to censorship, there is no doubt in my mind that censorship is still an issue today and worthy of fighting against.

So with the media getting more and more liberal with every generation, music being taken back from the conservative corporations and controlled more by the creators, there being so many new and less censored outlets for news and information, and being that there are so many places to freely voice your opinions and thoughts today, where do you feel this issue still needs the biggest fight. Where should one focus most of their energy today? Is it in our public schools? Is it a privately owned message board like this one? Is in movies, on television or radio? Is it out in the street in front of my house?

I hope that this can spark constructive conversation about this issue, and not petty fights between fellow flutherites…I’m willing to bet many of us here would agree on much of this issue!

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Movies and music. Those have always been the biggest influences in the lives of the people my age (18,19,20..I think there’s a name for our generation).

Not to be a downer, but you can’t really fight for censorship in those two areas. Things have always gotten worse in these two areas, and since I can remember there has never been a decent step in the “right” direction.

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Self-censorship. Fat chance. We all censor ourselves to help us belong. It will never stop unless tolerance is total, and I doubt that will ever be the case.

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Media self-censorship and the putting down of different ideas.

Internet neutrality is something to keep. That’s a form of censorship.

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Net Neutrality is the next biggest censorship issue that I will personally have to fight for.

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@queenzboulevard – I disagree, in the past 25 years, things in the realm of music, movies and media have changed dramatically. when you look at the 50’s to even the 60’s they have changed even more. It’s all becoming more liberal, and there is much more freedom. When I saw the “SHIT” episode of South Park, I was so very happy!!

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“Hey, there, shitty shitty fag fag, shitty shitty fag fag, how do you do!”
I agree, @forestGeek, seeing this episode made me quite happy. So did the recent “The Ring” episode featuring a certain Mouse from a certain litigious company!

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I would also agree that net neutrality is definitely the next big fight!

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I don’t think there’s anywhere that censorship needs to be fought except the mainstream media.

As said already here, Movies, Music and general TV are becoming more liberal and less censored. No need to fight it there, things are fine in my opinion.

Video games definitely aren’t in danger of the censors. Slap a big “M” rating on the front, slap a few wrists when they get sold to little kids, and you can throw anything in the games. Anyone played the new House of the Dead: Overkill on Wii? If so, case closed.

The internet is easily the least in need of censorship combat. There’s so little regulation on the large scale concerning the internet that the censorship issues are, at best, isolated and minor.

That leaves our good old local and national news agents. These journalists tiptoe around so many laws regarding censorship, libel, slander and the like…yet most are so liberal and ambitious that it’s like sharks swimming through a minefield, focused only on the tasty meal at the end. Combating censorship in the news arena would be a welcome relief to news agents and journalists so they can actually say whatever they want to.

Anti-censorship in mainstream media would benefit us too, as we might actually hear the truth a little more often when there’s no beauracracy breathing over the shoulders of every news anchor and reporter. But there’s a flip side to that coin, when one wonders whether it would really end up being better for us in the long run if media were totally uncensored…. maybe that’ll have to be the next Q to A

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i think that a major source of censorship when it comes to music and movies is partly the fault of the creators. there are many musicians who will willingly change their song – or their entire album if necessary – in order to get a ‘mainstream friendly’ sound.

an example of the opposite of this: be your own pet had a few songs they wanted to put on their last CD, and their record company denied them, saying they were inappropriate, and they didn’t want them on there. instead of sacrificing their songs, they went to another company and put them out like that. many artists would simply be like, “oh, okay” and leave it at that.

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The media has not become less censored because of any political reason, it’s always been about the $$$. When TV was over the airwaves, the govt placed controls demanded by the people, ie the family hour, the 7 forbidden words, the equal time rule.

When cable became king, all bets were off and there was as much sex, violence and political manipulation as the audience would bear. To those who objected the response was the corps own the cable and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. HBO, FOX etal knew the more provocative they were the more money they would make. For those who disapproved, other channels like Disney and TVland earned money for that specific audience,

Conservatives have always used pressure and threats of boycotts against advertisers to censor entertainment they considered too suggestive, violent or does not conform to their values. Interestingly an organization called Think Progress has started to send some of Bill O’Reilly’s most outrageous rants to his advertisers asking them if they know who they are sponsoring. O’Reilly is livid and sees this as unfair censorship.

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Historical censorship. People are thrown in jail for taking the “wrong” view of history in Canada and Europe. This is being proposed here in the U.S. as well

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Not in the last 60 days except by John Ashcroft this week.

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How about religious persecution of the Baha’i leadership in Iran?
That’s censorship at its deadliest.

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Well, I don’t think we should be ignoring or accepting any sort of censorship, but the biggest issues are probably net neutrality and public schools.

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colleges and universities, where conservative ideals, values, and principles are routinely and proudly repressed and silenced by pompous twits who fancy themselves intellectual noblemen.

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The great debate of debating is what keeps our thoughts fresh and current.
Sometimes these “conflicts” can be hard to hear or see. But to deny us that freedom would be to deny us life itself.

No one said life was going to be easy neither are the decisions we have to make every day.
Censorship would take away the ability to make decisions, then what good would there be in life.

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You talk about the great advance of freedom of speech and thought, due to the internet and modernity in general… and then call for a fight against repression of speech???
Why do you need to fight against anything?

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