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If you could have one robotic augmentation added to your body, what would you like to have improved?

Asked by FGS (1932points) March 27th, 2009

It could augment any one thing in your body, not just a physical attribute. I think I would go for an augmentation that would allow me to have a photographic memory.

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Go Go Gadget arms so when my tables ask for 5 million things at once, BAM!

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Some sort of built in radar. Kinda like a GPS but less obtrusive.

Oh, and a built in vibrator.

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Something that would allow me to read minds.

Then I could tell if my husband is being serious, or not.

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I’d want that propeller that sticks out of the top of your head so I could fly.

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Another tentacle.

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I’m confused by the lack of phallus jokes.

I’d want bionically enhanced focal vision for my eyes, like the ability to see something as if it were under a microscope or a telescope. I think it’d just make the ordinary world fascinating…

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I just want the robot voice, so when someone talks to me I can say “does not compute! beep beep boop boop!”

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a sixth-sense sensor.

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