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Why does eating some fruits make me sick?

Asked by tinyfaery (44175points) September 19th, 2013 from iPhone

Non-citrus, non-tropical tree fruits make me sick when I eat them. 15–20 minutes after I eat them I feel nauseated and I sometimes vomit, but I always get the d word, and bad.

I don’t have acid reflux, so it’s not that.

I ate a pear at work today and had to go home because of extreme intestinal distress.


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You’re probably allergic. There’s a blood test that my naturopath did to determine sensitivities to 96 foods.
He explained that there are two different types of allergies. One that increases histamine which causes hives and respiratory distress and others that cause gastro intestinal issues. Traditional doctors rarely test for the latter for some reason.

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Potential food allergies. We know a 20 something male who is similarly allergic to bananas. It was bad enough to get him rejected from one of the armed services.

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I agree an allergy. Although, one thing to consider is a slim chance an allergy to a pesticide. Is the fruit organic? Most citrus and tropical have a skin you peel away and less chance of pesticides being ingested.

I am pretty sure, but not positive, that people have cross allergies with some fruits. Like pears and apples might be very likely. If allergic to one allergic to the other. Similar to I know people who both have an allergic reaction to fire ants and bees.

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@tinyfaery I did a little digging and it’s an intolerance reaction. Your body can’t handle or digest something in the fruits. You could try some of the different sugars or extracts of the fruits to try to narrow it down or just stay away from them all together.

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Great. I’ll just add some fruit to the ridiculously long list of things I can’t or won’t eat.

I am very allergic to lots of things, so an allergy makes sense.

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I think you are allergic as well. My ex boyfriend was allergic to bananas, kiwis, and something else I can’t recall. He did not know at first, and would eat them, vomit about 20 minutes later. Bummer :(

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You could try taking some acidopholous and see if it helps any. Take for a few weeks and then try a bite of the fruits that bother you. Acidopholous does not cure allergies, but it might be an imbalance of some sort and you get easily irritated. It’s a long shot but worth a try. I was “allergic” to dairy products for around 8 years. I would be in the bathroom about 20 minutes after eating milk, cheese, any dairy. Now I have no problem. It was either a megadose of antibiotics I took for unrelated reasons or the acidopholous I took, because I was taking antibiotics, or the antifungal mega drugs I took because of the antibiotics that seemed to cure it. I wish I knew for sure which it was. I think it was the antibiotics, but no way to really know.

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It may be cause of food allergy. Like you are feel distress,bad after eating fruits, there are many other cases where people are facing such problems by eating other things.

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My son has a friend who had to leave the military during basic training because they discovered he was allergic to bananas.

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I can’t eat apples, or grapefruit with my I.B.S. If I eat them I get cramps for hours.

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