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Whats a good way to get women?

Asked by monkey28rb (121points) March 29th, 2009

a lot of girls think im cute, but when it comes to getting girls im not sure what i am doing wrong, i cannot go out and score a girl. My height is 5’7 which i think is ok but most girls consider that small..

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Now I’m not an expert, but from my professional experience a lot of beers seem to do the trick, or if your feelin real there is something called roophies.

Not trying to condone anything….

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You’re too obsessed with your height and it SHOWS. How do I know? Because you posted it here. Do you realize that out of every possible characteristic you have, you focused on your height? Assume your height is NOT the problem. Now pick another possibility.

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By not thinking of them as some thing to get

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@Mr_M maybe his height is the problem.

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Be yourself.

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I think you should “Be yourself”, if your height is a factor she’s probably not the ideal person to try ask out on a date?

Being confident, respectful =P and knowing how to use that charm and comical relief is alway’s useful!=^.^=

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Be confident.

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@Facade at 5’7”, not as much as his preoccupation with it, I’ll bet.

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hmm.. for your height i’d say get yourself a lean but competitive set of muscles, be dexterous maybe take up kickboxing or something and consider your dressing style: find a way to stand out in whatever crowd you hang with that isn’t obnoxious.

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Well what exactly is it that you’re doing now?

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Consider this for your fashion choices. It’s quite easy not to stand out while trying to stand out.

Every time you dress up, you assume the role of an artist whether you mean to or not. So, you may as well be a good one since everyone’s a critic.

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Confident and funny.
As long as your focus is to get women you’re going at it all wrong. Women are not an acquisition but you can attract them if you are authentic, interesting, funny and express confidence. Most men try to do things to either impress women or gush all over them. This just expresses that you feel that as you are not enough by your own merit but have something to prove. A real, intelligent, attractive women will see through this as being manipulative. That’s not to say a few interesting things that make you unique won’t help. Just remember that a man’s desire goes from the genitals to the heart and head and a women’s goes from the head and heart to the genitals. And some men have an express train to whatever part they want.

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Well, for starters you could eliminate the phrases “get women” and “score a girl” from your brain.

You don’t just drive down to the 7–11 and pick up at few at checkout.
I swear to god, I’m getting a bit sick of men who ask “Why is no one boning me?” and don’t see the issues evident to everyone else.

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Agree with what has been said above.
The more you will think ‘get women’ the less you will actually get.
In fact, in many cases just happens the contrary: you will get women you don’t or pretend you are not interested at.

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The best way is not to try.

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Remember, “girls just want to have fun”. Be fun.

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These people are all lying to you. The truth is that girls like losers. They go all soft and mushy over losers, and they want to take them home and take care of them.

You need to be scruffy, sloppy, slender, and a slugabed. damn alliteration—once you start you can’t stop

This is called the honey trap, with you, yourself, as the bait. It is best done in schools, book groups, churches, and automobile scrap yards.

The next step, once they are sniffing around, it to “get” them (i.e., capture them). For this, you need a girl trap. Girl traps are usually suspended on a cable from the sky. Some people use cranes to suspend their girl traps, but I prefer magic.

Once the girl is circling around you, making oohing and cooing noises, you trigger the trap, which closes around her and holds her tight. At this point, many guys will take her down to the basement and tie her up, but this is a BIG MISTAKE! WHat you really want to do is to take into your kitchen, and feed her bon bons. At this point, she will be yours, forever and ever, or until you decide you want another one.

the preceeding was a message from the misogynists cooperative, and by no means is supported or agreed to by the author of this post. It’s satire folks!

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Listen to asmonet.

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Desperation smells like dog crap on a hot, sunny day.

Women have smell receptors in their brain to pick up on it. You’re doomed.

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hummm well thanks everyone… yea lately i have just been going out doing my own thing and by getting a girl i actually met im kind of looking for a girl friend not just a one night stand ( even though thats ok also haha)

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Definitely keep saying you want to “score a girl”, or “get a girl”

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