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What is something cheap, fun, and inexpensive to do?

Asked by propanecertified (29points) March 29th, 2009

I am bored as hell all the time on my days off and usualy get drunk and play video games. Im tired of doing this all the time! another problem is i dont got much money to spend.

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Wandering around outside is popular, I hear. Or the internet.

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i would like to meet u krysta

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wondering outside doesnt sound like fun but definately cheap

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If your into sport’s maybe call some friend’s and arrange for a afternoon of it?

There’s alway’s youtube or other video hosting site’s to watch show’s etc too =P maybe learn an instrument from as well with tutorials to pass the time and pick up something neat! =^.^=

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shave your genitals lol

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@propanecertified it sure can be fun, get some like minded friends and go cause some silliness and have a silly hat party.

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Ice Blocking
Scavenger Hunts
Wine Enemas

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Depending on where you live:
Museums often have one day a month with free admission
Many towns and cities have “gallery nights” where art galleries stay open late & free, sometimes offer nibbles too
Local town lake or park to go and read/write/listen to music while you kick back
Fastidious grooming of your feet and hands

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Aimless urban (or rural) exploration, sumo wrestling (my friends actually do this, in their living room and it’s pretty amusing), board games (our versions get pretty intense, especially Electronic Monopoly), obscure and totally random movie nights which can lead to equally obscure and totally random drinking games…people watching, hiking, camping, etc.

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Bubbles $1 at walmart
Side walk chalk also $1 at walmart

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I second Facade

Nothing beats a freshly shoren scrotum!

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@TaoSan: True enough, like velvet.

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Fluther is free. :)

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Do you have a camera, even a cheap little point-and-shoot digital? Go outside and start taking pictures.

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go to meijer (or walmart) with your friends and try to get kicked out!
ride the tricycles…
try on hideous clothes…
walk like models down the frozen food aisles…
push someone in a cart like a baby…

PHOTOTAG is always fun too… just get disposable cameras and hide in the store. try to take pictures of one another while you run around the store. develop the pictures and whoever has more of the other wins!
i do these things ALL THE TIME

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Playing in a Park…j.k
Take a train and get off a stop you dont know and walk around…Or play man hunt at night

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