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How do I get an extension for paying my taxes?

Asked by shoetrumpet (7points) April 1st, 2009

I owe the government a lot of money this year. I’m not sure how to go about paying part of it before April 15 and then paying the rest when I can.

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Oh, that’s easy.
Go here!

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An extension usually means you pay what you think you owe, and then provide a completed return later, not that you get out of paying until later.

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@asmonet—oh. thanks. I ask because while I am a smart person, taxes panic me and I was looking for a dumbed down answer.

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I think yarnlady is right. You don’t get an extension to pay, just an extension to file. If you owe more than you can pay at once, I think they will work out payment arrangements with you.

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They are very good about working out payments. You just need to make sure you keep in contact with them. It is actually really painless. I wouldn’t worry about it.

And they will totally work out payments. Seriously, I would rather deal with the IRS before dealing with my credit card company.

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Taxes panic me too, and I always get a refund. I wish we had a flat tax system.

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I have been in this situation, don’t panic. File your taxes, like you normally would and print-off the Form 9465 the Request for Installment Agreement, fill it out and mail it in. The IRS will notify you if what you’ve offered as an installment agreement is acceptable, and you pay monthly until you’ve paid your taxes. Done and done. Unless you owe teens of thousands of dollars, I wouldn’t worry about it,get into the installment agreement, pay it off, and make sure you withhold enough from your 2009 earnings to cover your taxes. An extension will only help for filing, not paying. File, get on a payment plan, pay it off. Done.

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