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Is having sex with an alien considered cheating?

Asked by LaurenLauren (71points) April 3rd, 2009

Hahahahahahaha…This seems like a VERY VERY strange question, but somehow it got brought up in a conversation with my boyfriend the other day.
His views: you would never get the chance to do it again…so why not?
My views: sex is sex…whether its with a human or not.

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Yes it would be cheating… it would probably be gross too

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Yes, sex with anyone or anything other than you partner is cheating.

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Maybe. A lot of people I know have a silly agreement with their SO. They keep a list of the people that they’d be allowed to sleep with in the unlikely event the opportunity ever presented itself. Most people’s lists are populated by celebrities. If yours includes an alien, then it’s not cheating!

Off to update my list.

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Qounsar was fantastic. A++++++++ Would do again.

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It depends. Is the alien is married?

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I think there should be an “Alien Waiver”. Quzandra traveled at least 20 million light years to see you. It’s your obligation to do everythng possible to avoid rudeness.
If the Venusian girl from Sexplorer ever arrives, please send her my way. Thanks.

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It depends on the circumstance… if it occured as part of an abduction it might be ok :-)

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Maybe you were talking about an illegal alien from only 2000 miles away. That would be cheating.
(I’d also give him a pass for Summer Glau. You could tell your friends that he still picked you after the experience.)

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“anything” other then your partner!?
You sure?
Liiiiiiike aaaa selllf pleasuring device, a no no?

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@Bagardbilla Yeah, she brings up lots of questions—@yarnlady, is flying solo cheating?

It might be nitpicky, but it’s not responsible to make such sweeping statements.

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Well, then, is sex with a succubus/succubi considered cheating?

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Cheating is betraying the trust and commitment you’ve made with your partner. Usually, this involves having relations with another body, so yes, having sex with an alien would still be cheating if the commitment you two made was to not have sex with other bodies.

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The thing that matters is not whether you think it’s cheating. The thing that matters is whether your partner thinks it’s cheating. If he doesn’t approve of sex with extraterrestrials, and you have sex with a Grey, telling him that you don’t think it’s cheating is not going to make him any less mad at you.

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The law regarding alien contact runs to some 724 pages. There are 56 sections, and 324 subsections in it. The law covers everything from who is responsible for elarning how to communicate, to how farmers should be compensated for crop circles.

Yet, despite its voluminous attention to detail, the Alien Act of 1956 contains nothing about sexual contact with aliens. In the absence of specific language, we must look at legislative intent. Here, the record is somewhat murky, as well as discouraging.

It seems that the alien act was written by Edward McCarthy, a distant cousin of Joe McCarthy’s, who, it turned out, was gay. He had a stable of pages…. well, that’s another story. In any case, there was some discussion of alien sexual habits, but Ed quashed the language during a midnight tryst with, what they thought was a page.

It turns out that Ed had been frequenting Area 41, or maybe 51 (I can never get these things straight), and there had been some strange deliveries to Ed’s office in Washington. His secretary, interviewed years later, said there might have been some squeaking and knocking sounds emmanating from the boxes. Ed, as it turned out, had a wife and three “kids,” although these children were made fun of all throughout their childhoods, due to the green palor of their skin.

Ed later became the head of the supersecret, Alien Intellingence Agency, and at some point disappeared completely from view.

Anyhow, you weren’t looking for all this irrelevant detail. All I can tell you is, that in the eyes of the law, sex with aliens is not considered cheating. It is not grounds for divorce, and you can’t get alimony from an alien. Even if they existed. Which they don’t. I swear. On a stack of Bibles.

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@tonedef @Bagardbilla Good point. No, inanimate objects would most likely not be cheating. It depends on whether they are stealing time/affection from the partner.

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I bet the would not do it the same way we do it.

It would probably get prettttty kinky…it probably wouldn’t even work

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I wouldn’t consider bestiality cheating per se.
(Worse than cheating, but not exactly cheating.)

So I guess the question is:
Is the alien in question human-like?

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no… its considered time to see a shrink.
or get off the sauce.

or do you mean ALIEN as in a mexican…or someone from canada?
because then… yes. that would be cheating.

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