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What do you think about the "Truth" commercials?

Asked by seVen (3461points) April 3rd, 2009

I think they’re interesting in how they try to expose truths through “other” means…what do you think?

And I mean the ones against tobacco companies.

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They’re alright. The fulfill a purpose of letting people know how bad cigarettes are. Sometimes the stuff the do is kind of jack-assish, but it gets the message across.

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I think they are funded by the Tobacco companies themselves. Can someone confirm?

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Tobacco companies are required by law to contribute such and such % of their funds to anti-smoking programs. I’m not positive, but I wouldn’t doubt if some of that money found it’s way to the Truth program.

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Some are pretty funny, doesnt stop me from smoking though.

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I think they’re a little over the top. I don’t really like them. They just annoy me.

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I think they’re cool. I love the branding. the font and stuff. I think it works.

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There have been labels detailing the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes for decades. If a smoker hasn’t yet stopped, I’m fairly certain that a ridiculous commercial will not make a difference.

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I like em.

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I want to know who is funding
They spend a lot of money on those commercials and they have a very professional level of production value. I don’t think these young people on the commercials are doing it all on their own.

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Because they are suppose to be “Raw, hip and the streets”

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I’ve never had a problem with them. Some are a little stranger than others but the message is always clear in each of them.

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The truth campaign was created by The American Legacy Foundation, who is partially funded by the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement which is a fund that all of the major tobacco companies have been forced to contribute to as a result of civil cases brought against them. They now receive a significant contribution each year from the Center for Disease Control because of the progress that has bene reported among teens who are exposed to the program.

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I absolutely hate the one where it’s got the kids saying like ‘I called my girlfriend 37 times!’ and ‘I let people draw on me!’

Listen, Truth organization, that shit does NOT happen when youre stoned, but when youre drunk. When you’re stoned, you’re too damn lazy to call your girlfriend even once, and I’ve never heard of someone passing out hard enough to be drawn on because of a little ganja.

I just think they’re all bullshit.

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Here’s a fact that the Truth commercials (The JEL ones especially) do NOT address. Ciggies are bad for you, anyone knows that. But, the particulates in diesel smoke are ten times worse for you than the particulates in ciggie smoke. Do you see the JEL people attacking the diesel fuel companies as fiercely as they do the ciggie companies? Nope.

JEL, like PETA, are hypocrites.

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The tidbits they present are objectively interesting.
But the way they are presented is annoying.

‘Hip and street’ in such a marketing/cliche way.
Makes me want to light one up, just so I can puff in their face.

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Days later, i’ve realized that truth and that above the influence bullshit aren’t the same.
mah bad.

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They are far more annoying and toxic than second hand smoke.

You! Television! Stop fucking preaching at me!!!

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You might be interested to know that Philip Morris USA has been threatening to pull out of that agreement because of the content of some of the ALF’s ads.

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