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Any advice on flip camcorders--or similar?

Asked by Benny (917points) April 3rd, 2009

Anybody have any experience with competing brands that they like or dislike?

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I just bought the Flip mino HD. I love it. People seem to think that it is made for filming Hollywood movies. It’s not. It’s great for your home movies. And it’s a reasonable price for the quality and size of the camera

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@berocky1 Thanks. Do you get decent quality on your TV? I tried the regular mini and it was a bit pixelated, but I’m assuming that the HD is better quality.

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My husband has a Flip and thinks it is great. It’s small enough to just slip into a pocket and be very easy to handle, and operation is simple too. He used it at a family gathering and people hardly knew they were being recorded, it was so unobtrusive. He got some very natural behavior and interactions, and it all came out very crisp and clear, with good sound. All for only $150.

He did do a lot of editing using software, but you’d have to edit your footage regardless, to produce watchable results.

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I live mine. I just have the normal one, not the HD one. In two seconds I can shoot video and it fits in my pocket. Here is a video of my new puppy I took with it.

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@johnpowell Very cute puppy!

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Do not buy a Jazz DV 151. The quality of the picture is garbage.

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@TheLoneMonk Thanks. I went ahead and got a miniHD. I played with a regular flipcam and I liked it a lot.

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