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What do you prefer to do while a woman sleeps next to you?

Asked by Halliburton_Shill (268points) April 4th, 2009

Yes, I do mean sleeping. More details on this husband-wfie link on Reddit

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leave a $20 and go home.

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The only woman I sleep with these days is my Daughter In Law and when we share a bed, we usually watch TV with the baby between us until we all three fall asleep.

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If I’m not asleep, I like to feel her skin and smell her hair.

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uh, i guess sleep. but in my waking hours, i like to rub up on her legs and butt. too much info?

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@charliecompany34 does she know you’re there or not?

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i miss my boyfriend :’(

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I’m a big cuddler. I actually had a girl sleep on my couch once because she “liked to cuddle, just not while sleeping”. I told her if she didn’t want to snuggle close, she might as well sleep somewhere else… so she did.

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Anything that won’t wake her up.

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By the way, from your topics and past I have to say I wonder about your wholeness. Maybe it’s just your avatar and name.

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@A Beaverhausen awww! (((hugs)))

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i like to not bee creepy and watch women sleep.

SeventhSense's avatar

I like to watch her sleep and the way her nose crinkles up when she yawns
The way she pouts and makes little faces while she’s dreaming….nah just kiddin’...I like it when she leaves me space in the bed, doesn’t take all the covers, kick me, or get me all sweaty.

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Sleep next to her…

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I suppose, just sleep. What else would I do? I mean, she’s asleep, right?

MrItty's avatar

sleep in the spooning position, my right arm under her neck, my left around her torso.

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i can’t sleep unless my husband is asleep. so it’s rare that he’s awake when i’m sleeping.
i know he touches me though. or he watches tv.

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Yeah…. just sleep.

Darwin's avatar

Probably sleep, too. If I am not sleepy, then read a book.

However, whenever possible I prefer not to share my bed with another woman.

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I lol’d hard at your first response.

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Keep reading, and hope she wakes up refreshed and frisky.

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Geez guys, you had the chance to really make us think you’re all sweet! Just kidding.

@A_Beaverhausen I miss mine too… :(

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Occasionally I’ll look at her for a little bit and admire her beauty, sometimes a kiss on the forehead or lips. But for the most part if I’m sharing a bed with a girl and she’s sleeping, i’m probably spooning/cuddling with her.

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Spooning is nice. Kissing her neck. A back rub.

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Depends on the girl i guess. When im drunk sometimes i get mad if a girl is just taking up my bed so ill shove her to the side.

If im sober and i like her i guess spooning is all you got.

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Wake her up and tell her I want a sandwhich.

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Tease her with a feather.

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smell her hair and breathe heavily in her ear… thats normal right?

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@madcapper i dunno, did you use the red pills or the fizzy pink liquid in her drink?

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Wonder who she is and either what I’m doing in her bed or what she’s doing in mine.

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@madcapper What? Pepto Bismol and Alka Seltzer?

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yeah she was sick…

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I usually go do the things my wife would typically not approve of. Mostly that consists of eating junk food, playing video games, buying useless shit online, and getting baked out of my mind.

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Tickle her with a feather again!

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Well, if she is asleep chances are pretty good I would be too.

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kiss her on the face until she wakes up…touch her legs and tummy…

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I’m a girl, but in case you guys were wondering, I have caught my bf just looking at me. or he’ll roll over and wrap his arms around me, which wakse me up but makes me feel so comfortable, loved, and safe!

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