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At the final judgment, that great inquiry, how many pages will you rip from your diary?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30946points) April 4th, 2009

Play with me for a moment, whether you believe in this sort of thing or not. Assuming there is a Day of Reckoning and/or a Book of Deeds, will you attempt to cover those pages which speak of your own transgressions? Perhaps you’ve authored newer, more recent pages, addressing those previous indulgences, forgiving yourself through enlightened awareness.

Surely Christ, Vishnu, Santror and Allah will read the entire narrative. The juicier the better… right? I believe that we author our own lives. St. Peter could not possibly keep track of it all.

When that final rushing wave of Dymethyltryptamine overwhelms us all, will you carry your tome with pride and arrogance, or shall it be signed by the hand of humility?

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Oh, I’ve done my share of things that should be erased. But the way I look at it…God knows me. He already knows the things I’ve done. Why should I all of a sudden panic & try to make things right & perfect at the last moment? I think I’ll be welcomed to him with open arms. I trust in his love & forgiveness.

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if it’s God your adressing, he’s all knowing, so whether or not I’m proud of my actions wouldn’t matter, because he’d be aware of them regardless and have already sentanced me.

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If that day were today or tomorrow, I’d have less than one page of things I have ever felt to be serious transgressions.

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I am hoping that the pages will be illegible, covered in the blood of the Lamb. At that moment, it will not be what I have done that matters, but what Christ did. (Thank God.)

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He/she/it would know all my deeds anyway, and knew I was going to do them as well, so I’m not about to hide anything.

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I am okay with the path of my life.
Nothing to hide, even if there are things I would do differently given the hindsight.

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I just don’t think your assumption that powerful higher beings wouldn’t have figured this trick out? Wouldn’t be able to tell? Wouldn’t know we were gonna try?

Why bother?
I am who I am, I like me just fine.

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@VzzBzz Send that one page to me. I’ll write a script and we’ll pitch it to Sundance…

Do it, do it now… send it, send it now… the more pulp the better!

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If they already know everything, why is there a book? And what good would ripping out pages do?

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I’m with @VzzBzz on this one. I’ve accepted responsibility for all I’ve done, and I have few regrets. I’d love to be able to rip out those line items now if it would in some way help those affected by my actions.

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@PupnTaco It’s all figurative and hypothetical.

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I own my mistakes, and have hopefully learned and grown because of them. I’m ok with all of it. Well, at least most of it.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: No one would buy the script, trust me, it’s pretty boring stuff so far.

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I regret nothing I guess.
It’s all god’s fault anyway.

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None of it. It’s all me. I don’t get to erase any of it, nor do I care to.

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Naturally I have done some things I regret and some things I’m ashamed of, even though I may have thought they were right at the time. But if I had to answer to some supreme entity for all my deeds, just imagining for a moment that I believed in such a thing, I would expect the question to be “How did you use that mistake or wrongful act?” And I believe that I could answer that I have learned from every one of them.

I also think that if any of my sins of omission or commission were great enough to constitute a major black mark, it would probably be something that does not loom large in my memory at all. I would not expect the moral standards of a transcendent consciousness to bear much resemblance to our human notions of right and wrong. Any concept of a godlike being that I might have would not be like an oversize human but something out of a completely unimaginable other sphere that has nothing in common with our mortal realm.

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@lazydaisy I guess I’ll just have to accept that… Oh! That’s the point!

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one prays for mercy, not judgement

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My journal (diary doesn’t work for me) has been edited just as much as the bible has. I have nothing to hide and all my entries will make for very stimulating reading on judgement day. All the pages will be there for your perusal.

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I’m okay with my journal. I, of course, have not always done the right thing. And would change some things if I could go back in time. But I am one of those people that believes in personal responsibility. I also believe in redemption (not necessarily religious redemption) in that I believe that having a chance to explain and apologize for my wrongdoings would be beneficial to me, a weight lifted. I believe in healing and having a complete journal is a form of healing. No matter what comes from it.

Although I will say I agree with something @Bluefreedom has said. And that is we all edit our journals. Whether we realize we are doing it or not.

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