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Do you wear stuff under spandex?

Asked by LKDemo (26points) April 4th, 2009

Just out of curiosity, when playing sports or something, do you usually wear stuff underneath the spandex?

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nope i just wear plain spandex

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I tend to stay away from sports where I have to wear spandex. Either that or I just chose not to wear it. It’s too clingy to the skin for a guy like me.

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Sometimes, most people I know who play sports or wear spandex wear a thong.
I only know about running and cycling though.

No thank you, Uncle Jim.

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I played volleyball in junior high and spandex were our bottoms, so yes, I wore underwear (probably a thong) underneath.
When I ran cross country in high school sometimes I would wear them underneath my running shorts…but I think I would usually wear underwear then, too ;)

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Spandex,or products like it, are designed to be worn alone, the material transports moisture away from the skin.

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I guess my “spandex” were technically always cotton…

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It depends what I’m doing in the spandex. If support is an issue, I’m likely to wear a jockstrap.

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