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Are you a fan of the HBO series "Big Love"? Why?

Asked by avalmez (1614points) April 5th, 2009

Never would i ever have imagined i would become a fan of a series like Big Love…but I am. And, I can’t explain why other than I do think it is a very well written, acted and directed series. The women in my life think it’s more about vicarious fantasy, but I don’t think a poorly written, acted or directed series can capture my attention.

What about you? If you’re a fan, what is it about the series that captures your interest and attention?

And, if a fan, do you think it was wrong for HBO to air a segment that featured rituals Mormons hold as both sacred and secret (they would say, sacred not secret)?

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David Byrne soundtrack for season two working it’s magic on another unsuspecting victim I see…

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Yes, I am. It’s a soap opera I can respect – great acting, intense stories, fascinating characters.

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I loved the show, but unfortunately I got rid of HBO to save money so now I can’t watch it.

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I agree with your description of the show. As far as the rituals and being televised – I have no problem with that either…it was done with respect and not satirical in manner.

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I loved the first season but I didn’t get to watch the 2nd season and now I have no idea what’s going on. I still watch it every now & then though.

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I LOVE that show, and I have impeccable taste in television

Can’t wait to see season three.

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@elijahsuicide you can watch it online! Try sites like's bunch out there :)

I’ve seen the first episode, but never fully got into it. It was good, though. Plus, now it reminds me of my ex because we started watching it together… :/

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@elijahsuicide i’m in the same boat :( i go to my parents and watch it, i’ve only seen two episodes of the newest season.

i love the show, i don’t know why. i think it’s different than a lot of the shows nowadays.

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