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What series do you like to watch most? Why?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 7th, 2014

What is your favourite? Is it an old or a new series? Is it still on TV or you are watching it online? Why do you like it?

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I don’t like series in general. I prefer stand-alone movies. But there are two series that I like:

- Shelock Holmes by Jeremy Brett.
– Sherlock BBC version.

I like the former for it faith to the original Sherlock Holmes, and the later for its creativity. I watch both of them online.

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That is a difficult question. It dependent on the mood I want to create, emotions I want to evoke, memories of who I shared it with and at what time in my life. That said I liked and watched House all the way through and am good to watch episodes again. There was large number of friends I watched it with shared in quotes and inside jokes.. same as Buffy, Scrubs and Serenity or rather Firefly even Dexter. (Big thing for Joss Whedon back then watched all his stuff) Those were all from a simpler time in my life. I was young carefree and the memories affiliated with them are linked.

I liked Mad Men but never completed it. The richness of the world etc, the modern take on a historical time. I loved Deadwood. The beauty and attention to detail. How quotable it was. The amazing dynamics of the actors. Deadwood leads me to Justified which wasn’t as great but Timothy Olyphant was gorgeous in it. I think that was his best role. He owned it.

True Dectective is brilliant. I never thought Matthew McConaughey could act until that role. I’m into Supernatural. But I always did have a thing for fantasy/sci fi.

There are so many more but I think those are the most memorable and rewatchable to me. Which is the ultimate test.

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Doctor Who. It is the longest-running sci-fi series for a reason. I grew up watching Tom Baker episodes on PBS, and the “reboot” they did takes what was a good story with low-budget production and turned it into something totally awesome.

And there are enough episodes that, if you wanted to do a marathon viewing, it’d take 15 days and 18 hours (assuming no sleeping, bathroom breaks, or anything like that) just to view all the episodes (plus another 39 hours if they ever find copies of “the lost” episodes”). It’s the show you could literally watch the most of if you like sci-fi.

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@jerv I am a big fan of sci-fi series so I could easily imagine myself watching a series I like for 15 days and 18 hours without taking a break :p
Many of my friends suggested I should watch Sherlock and True Detective but I didn’t have the time. Now I will watch the series you suggested! Thank you! I would like to see even more suggestions because I want to watch something different every day and I have a lot of free time these days!

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Top Gear, every series since it began #22 being filmed as we spea…err, type.

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Currently, The Good Wife. My daughter and I enjoy it, it’s something we save to watch together.

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8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown.

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“24” It’s exciting and very likely to happen in real life.

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I just finished watching True Detective and Fargo, both were excellent series.

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I watched The Twilight Zone as a kid. Any episode that had to do with outer space or the future intrigued me. Oh how wonderful it will be to live in the year 2000!

The only series I’ve watched all the way through was Breaking Bad. I watched it a full year behind everyone else by streaming. I was able to watch it any time I wished, and was not bothered by distracting commercial interruptions. Also I could stop and review certain critical dialog and actions that play a critical part later on.
Oh…! The plant was in the pot next to the swimming pool. And Huell is a lot smarter than he looks!

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Right now I’m following “Rectify,” “Halt and Catch Fire,” and “The Leftovers.” I also love “Fargo,” which just ended for the season. I’ve discovered several series on Amazon (like “Rectify” and “Firefly” ) that I had never watched previously.

I lost interest in “Mad Men” after the first season but returned during the season just ended and am looking forward to the next (and final) season. I also discovered several short-lived series starring Ricky Gervais and now watch everything he does.

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I have never been a TV person or series follower but, admittedly. I have enjoyed watching some of the “Naked and Afraid” survival shows. Where they take a man and a woman of varying survival back grounds and dump them somewhere remote, to survive for a 21 day period. I like it because it is something I would have done 30 years ago. Compelling show that really gets down to the bare bones of what it takes to survive.

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Community. Six seasons and a movie!

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Gosh…M*A*S*H, Cheers, Friends. Most recently, House. But all those are gone, except for the reruns. Currently there are no series that Rick and I are into.

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Wait..I take that back. I watch 60 minutes every Sunday, and, at my request, Nature and Nova every Wednesday.

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My favorite right now (I have many) is Vikings. The acting is good, the cinematography is beautiful and I find the time period fascinating.

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I’m busy watching the series “Boss”, and it’s absolutely riveting. I can’t believe that more noise hasn’t been made about the series. I watched the Kevin Spacey version of “House of Cards”, and thought it spectacular, but “Boss” tops it. I thought I would watch an episode, then go be productive, but wound up glued to my seat for a full 8 hours. I’m trying to avoid starting the second season until I can afford to dedicate a day to it. Seriously, if you want to watch something that will take your mind off your troubles (and everything else) check it out. You’re in for a treat.

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Apparently, Game of Thrones since I devoured 4 episodes in one sitting yesterday. I went on a brief hiatus because everyone kept spoiling it, but I went back.
I’m waiting for new episodes of Rick and Morty, Shameless, and True Detective. Vikings and Sopranos are on my “to-watch” list. Other than that, I’m actually more fond of documentaries

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I neglected to say what I like about the shows I cited above. They all share these qualities: intriguing premise, interesting dialogue and superior acting, quirky characters, multiple plot surprises, and episode endings that make me want to see what comes next.

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Both of the series about Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock and Elementary.

I love a good mystery and both Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller are hotties! Plus I’m a huge Anglophile.

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Jam and Jerusalem is my favourite. They only made three series but I have them on DVD and I never tire of any of the episodes. My second favourite is Gilmore Girls. I also have all of the series on DVD and, like Jam and Jerusalem, I find that it’s feel good, relaxing viewing.

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@jerv. . . My 10 year old daughter got me back into Doctor Who a couple of months ago. I hadn’t watched it since the Tom Baker days in my youth and everything you said is spot on.

We’ve just finished up the David Tennant episodes and are well in to the Matt Smith incarnation. We’re trying to get them all in before the new season at the end of August.

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Right now it’s “Orange is the New Black” and “Queer as Folk”

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Comedy: “Community”
Animated: “Family Guy“or “The Boondocks”
Drama: “Law and Order: SVU”
Weird Foriegn Stuff: “Orphan Black”

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@MarvinPowell . . . I’ve been thinking about checking out Orphan Black. Is it worth it?

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It’s okay, but my muddah and I always liked Parented White tss tss

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The Killing
True Blood ( Seasons 1–4 only )
Doc Martin
Walking Dead

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At the moment I am really enjoying:

The Good Wife (Totally engaging, I love Kalinda.)

House of Cards (Thoroughly brutal but if it was a book it would be unputdownable, Spacey is terrific.)

And I just finished watching Treme which was a slow burner but very engaging, the characters really grew on me over the series. And the music is wonderful.

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Right now we’re watching a series on Netflix called The Murdoch Murders. It’s set in Victorian Toronto and it’s about a detective who is using “new fangled” scientific approaches to solving crimes. It’s very engaging.

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I watched the X-files a few years ago, and Married with children which I still watch sometimes.. oh and The Simpsons. Love ‘em.

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