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Have any of your sexual fantasies been fulfilled?

Asked by aviona (3255points) April 6th, 2009

Did it just happen or did you make it happen (or perhaps pay money for it to happen?)

Did the real-life experience live up to your expectations?

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I think that sexual fantasies are most enjoyable when they remain such, to be honest. I think the ideas we build up in our minds would far surpass the acting out of the fantasy itself and the result would be sort of a let down.

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Oh yes! And I did it without paying money, and I did make it happen. I don’t know how, but I did. It was wild, and fun, and I felt good like I never have before or since. If I could go back to then, I would.

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Several months ago an opportunity came up for me to act on a really big sexual fantasy, and I went for it, so I guess technically I made it happen. It definitely lived up to my expectations, and I’d definitely do it again, haha. I think @FGS has a very good point, but thankfully that wasn’t the case for this experience.

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I made them happen
My partners made them happen
We crafted for one another
It cost us only in sweat
And tears

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@FGS I agree with you. Except for the time my husband and I went hiking and we decided to have sex right along the trail. It had been a fantasy of mine for some time. I think of that moment often. :)

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Yup. It’s great to be in a relationship where you’re both trusting enough to share fantasies, and willing to try them out, even if afterwards you realize it’s waaay better in your head.

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So far I have only 2 fantasies left that haven’t come true. With each one that has come true, they were just as good, if not better, than I had always imagined.

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All but one, and the odds of that one happening are astronomical.

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I really only have one big fantasy and my boyfriend said he will absolutely not do it. That’s okay with me because we have a healthy sex life and we do try new things together. I believe it is one of those things that will be better in my head than in real life.

Why do so many men dislike the idea of wearing women’s underwear? ;)

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They have. One happened. One I willed to happen. The second took quite some time to come to fruition but it was well worth it. The last two may remain undone. C’est le vie.

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The one that everybody fantasizes about, i.e., the one involving the two Chinese midgets, an egg beater and a Larry King mask. I’m sure you know the one. Of course, it happened naturally one day.

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@DrBill astronomical? Do you want to have sex in space? Because that’s actually a pretty good one.

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Theoreticly speaking, it might have to do with someone I met here,
but never in person. I’m pretty sure she does not have any idea…
theoreticly speaking of course.

Space, would be pretty cool.

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@Mr_M: Oh, I did that one once, except they were Korean midgets, it was a melon baller spoon and it was a Bill Clinton mask.

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I have made several of my sexual fantasies reality, and for the most part, the fantasy was better. Reality has a way of making it less than desirable. But a few of them were as awesome in real life as they were in my mind. as for how the goat feels about it, you’ll have to ask her, she refuses to return my calls.

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A zebra and a goat in a dumdum tree
bah-ing and braying as happy as can be
The zebra moved close to whisper in her ear
and now the goat, the ringing phone, seems not to hear.

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oh yes, one of them has.

Got home early one day and my girlfriend was fooling around with her best friend. Ended up having a trio. Sounds like a cheesy movie, but it was quite sexy. Would have been better if I’d liked her friend more.

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One. The sand was pink.

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