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Where's the best place to eat a quick lunch in the Lower Haight?

Asked by bhs (15points) November 7th, 2006
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finkel is an expert in this arena
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Estella's has good sandwiches
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Axum cafe is great, but its more dinner-y
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Rosamunde for sausage or an Indian wrap from Naan 'n' Chutney.
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Definitely Rosamunde Sausage Grill and Kate's Kitchen.
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love 'n' haight. fake meat rocks out.
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The Bean Bag Cafe. hands down.
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I love the avocado salad at Cafe International. Ditto for their avocado sandwich on dutch crunch bread. Or: walk down to El Castillito on Church across from Safeway--they have a damn good veggie burrito.

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