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I need recommendations for a thermos to keep food hot?

Asked by bippee (875points) September 10th, 2010

Looking for personal experiences with a thermos to keep food hot for my daughter to take to school. She complains that the food is barely warm after being in the thermos for 5 hours and that’s how long we need to keep it hot.

Thermos should be a small one since it is just for lunch. We’re not filling it with hot liquids for drinking all day. Brands, links to products and # of hours the food actually keeps hot is appreciated.

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You are going to have your job cut out for you. the very best ever on the market is now defunct. it was the widemouth vacuum by Aladdin Industries. you can still find them at Goodwill Stores. the vacuum bottle inside keeps food HOT for about 8 hours. i know. i use to work at Aladdin and it does what it says it will do. its worth the search.

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So what keeps the food hot? The vacuum?

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What brand name are you using now?

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I am buying a Mr Bento for my teen son. I bet your child would use a smaller one. We haven’t tried it yet but understand if you follow the instructions well, it will keep the lunch hot. Here is a link for a Ms Bento at Amazon.

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Here’s a food service trick for any brand or type of thermos you use. Wrap the entire outside in tin foil (several layers might be necessary). This gives it an added layer of protection. This also works well with glass jars if you don’t have a thermos.

It’s not the greenest solution, but if you re-use the foil, it helps! And don’t forget to recycle the aluminum when you’re done with it. :)

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The portable stack bentos are great as are tiffin stackers. Google them.

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My husband carries a Thermos called the bullet. He drinks coffee all day. I would recommend that. He has not complained yet.

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I’ve got a Thermos brand thermos and a Foogo, neither keeps the food hot.

FF, the bullet is too big. It’s gotta fit into a kiddie lunchbox.

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@bippee Thanks for letting me know. I’m also in the market for one as well.

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@bippee They have a baby bullet. I don’t know just trying to help.

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