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How do I get rid of mosquitoes in San Francisco?

Asked by puchanix (12points) April 7th, 2009

I live in Pacific Heights near LaFayette park. If we leave a door or window open for more than 10 minutes we get tons of mosquitoes in the house (that keep us awake at night!). We have screens, but they are a hassle. Is it normal to have this problem in SF? I don’t see any puddles or other satnding water nearby… Other thoughts on what to do?

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I have had luck with this.. I take one when I go camping.

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Screens were invented because of bugs. But, hey, here is another very attractive solution.

Janbb will agree with me.

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Use your screens. I fail to see how they are a hassle. Also, mosquitoes are attracted to lights, so if you are leaving your lights on with your windows open, you’ll get them in your house.

@gailcalled: That is hilarious. I don’t quite understand the gloves, though. The material seems too close to the skin. It seems that you would still get bitten.

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